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This sale is your excuse to buy a humidifier or air purifier

If you’re familiar with Levoit, you’ll know that they make some reasonably great air purifiers and humidifiers, and this President’s Day sale is an excellent opportunity to pick one up — or even both! While we have particular suggestions below, you can check their full President’s Day sale by clicking the button below; just be sure to use the coupon PRESIDENTS15 when checking out on any purchase to get 15% off.

Dual 200S Smart Top-Fill Humidifier — $47, was $55

Levoit Dual 200S air purifier on living room table.

The Dual 200S is a pretty smart humidifier and a great addition to a smart home that can humidify a 107–290 square foot space. What’s even better, you can set a specific humidity you want the room to be at, and the Dual 200S will automatically maintain it, saving you the hassle of having to get up and down constantly. Of course, you can also schedule it to come on at specific periods instead, and you can control it with a voice assistant if you want. You can even put essential oils in it for aromatherapy, which isn’t something you often see in a humidifier. Again, remember to use the PRESIDENTS15 coupon when checking out to take advantage of the sale, or check out some of our other humidifier deals.

Core 200S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier — $76, was $90

The Levoit Smart Core 200S sitting on a table.

Air purifiers, especially HEPA ones, can be pretty important if you’re living in a congested city that has a ton of pollution. Not only that, but HEPA filters can help fight the spread of germs and diseases, and while it won’t stop the coronavirus, it can help with other germs. As for the Core 200s, it has a lot of convenience features, such as the VeSync app that allows you to control it from anywhere. You can set up specific schedules, timers, and even control the Core 200s by voice through the app if you’d like to. Probably the best feature, though, is the sleep mode, which lowers the sound of the purifier down to 24db, which is great if you have it in a bedroom and the normal noise keeps you up. Much like the other sales here, remember to use the PRESIDENTS15 coupon at checkout for the discount, or look at some of our other air purifier deals.

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Best air purifier deals: Save big on Dyson, Shark, TCL and more
A Germ Guardian purifier placed on a living room floor.

Pollution and season allergies can get really bad, especially with summer going around, and if you're the type of person who tends to suffer from those a lot, then there's a great solution for you. Air Purifiers work to filter out the sort of air particulates that cause allergies, as well as the sort of bad air you get from living in a congested city. Luckily, you don't have to grab one of the best air purifiers to get something good, and there are even a lot of smart home devices that can synchronize with your purifiers for added control and benefits. That's why we've gone out and found some of our favorite air purifier deals and collected them below. While you're at it, be sure to check out these air conditioner deals and humidifier deals for any other home climate issues you may have.
Alrocket HEPA Air Purifier -- $37, was $70

Excellent for a nightstand, the counter, or an end table. this relatively small air purifier offers cleaning for up to 215 square feet. H13 level HEPA filtration ensures that most odors and contaminants are eliminated, with microscopic particles captured, to provide relief to asthma sufferers and beyond. It is relatively simple, so there are no smart features or serious programmable modes, but that's okay. A touch-based control panel on the top, with LED indicators, allows you to adjust the system's timer, indicator lights, and power. You can add your essential oils or fragrances to the top to help disperse a more aromatic scent.

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Best air conditioner deals: Portable and window units on sale
The GE 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner cools a living room while a woman reads.

Temperatures this year seem to be some of the highest in history, and it's no surprise that many folks are worried about what summer is going to look like this year. As such, it's important to keep yourself cool, and going for an air conditioner is probably going to be a big help; even something as simple as portable air conditioners will offer some help. That said, a proper air conditioner is better, which is why we've gone out and collected some of our favorite deals below, including from some of the best air conditioner brands out there.

Also, if you're struggling with things like seasonal allergies, check out some of these air purifier deals, and for those who have persistent dry coughs, these humidifiers deals should help a bit as well.
Evapolar evaCHILL — $70, was $99

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Best Buy dropped the price of this air fryer from $180 to $80
The Bella Pro 9-quart Digital Air Fryer with Dual Flex Basket in a kitchen on a countertop.

If you’ve been waiting for great air fryer deals, you need to check out what Best Buy has to offer. Today, you can buy the Bella Pro 9-quart Digital Air Fryer with Dual Flex Basket for just $80 instead of $180. A huge price drop of $100, this is your chance to enjoy more versatile cooking, juicier meals, and even lower bills, all thanks to this discount. Want to know more? Here’s what you need to know.

Why you should buy the Bella Pro 9-quart Digital Air Fryer with Dual Flex Basket
Very similar to the best air fryers from Ninja, the Bella Pro 9-quart Digital Air Fryer with Dual Flex Basket is a bit of a bargain. It offers an extra-large 9-quart capacity across two baskets with the option to easily sync the cooking settings between the two so food finishes cooking at the same time.

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