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Best humidifier deals: Full room and desktop sizes on sale

Humidifiers add moisture to indoor air to alleviate dryness for both comfort and health. They also make a good way to grab some savings for your smart home. Even the best humidifiers get great deals, and whether it’s for the bedroom, the office, or any room in between, a humidifier is generally an affordable addition to the home. There are quite a few humidifier deals going on right now, and we’ve rounded up the best humidifier deals the internet has to offer.

Mainstays 1-gallon humidifier — $20, was $25

The Mainstays 1-gallon humidifier sets on a table in a kitchen.

The Mainstays cool mist humidifier features a 1-gallon tank, and uses evaporative technology to add moisture to dry rooms. The tank is easy to remove for filling and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The humidifier itself is equipped with a low tank indicator with auto shutoff, which helps save energy when the tank runs dry. This humidifier has there different speed settings that allow you to control its output.

Honeywell Mini Mist 0.5-gallon humidifier

A range of different colors of the Honeywell Mini Mist 0.5-gallon humidifier setting on a cabinet.

This small humidifier by Honeywell is perfect for almost any bedside table. It’s perfectly-designed for nightstands and smaller spaces, yet it’s still capable of reducing dry air and the discomforts that cause coughing, itchy skin, and dry eyes. It produces a visible mist and has a wide tank opening that makes it easy to fill and clean. It even has mist output settings that allow you to customize the moisture level in your air.

Vicks 1.2-gallon humidifier — $43, was $60

The Vicks 1.2-gallon humidifier blowing mist against a white background.

This Vicks humidifier can play a big part in making it easier to breathe around the house. It’s quick and easy to use and is 50% quieter than previous models. It requires no filters, so there’s no excess equipment to purchase alongside it. It’s recommended for use in medium-sized rooms so the optimal amount of vapor can fill the air. Its tank comes in at a capacity of 1.2 gallons, which is large enough to produce a good run before needing to refill.

Kyvol HD3 1.2-gallon humidifier — $45, was $70

The Kyvol HD3 1.2-gallon humidifier sprays mist while on a coffee table.

The Kyvol HD3 humidifier is another filterless humidifier, meaning you won’t need to purchase additional equipment or be changing out filters from time to time. It has a 1.2-gallon tank and a 75-hour runtime, which spares you the trouble of frequent refilling. The 360-nozzle offers even mist distribution to large rooms up to 430 square feet, and it runs at a low decibel level, allowing people in the room to sleep easily while it works.

PureGuardian K950R 0.8-gallon humidifier — $58, was $88

The PureGuardian K950R 0.8-gallon humidifier against a white background.

This compact ultrasonic cool mist humidifier guards against problems caused by dry air for up to 30 hours between refills. The Pure Guardian K950R has a 0.8-gallon tank that provides this efficient runtime, and makes it great for small to medium-sized rooms. Ultrasonic technology disperses a fine mist throughout the room, and speed controls give you full control over the humidifier’s mist dispersion. This humidifier has a low water indicator and a smart design that makes it perfect for desks, tabletops, nightstands and nurseries.

Crane 2-gallon tower humidifier — $83, was $110

The Crane 2-gallon tower humidifier against a white background.

If you’re looking for a humidifier that could that offers a range of features, the Crane 2-gallon tower humidifier is getting there. It’s filter-free and designed for easy use. The tank is large enough to be able to clean the inside by wiping it down with a cloth, and the capacity is large enough for it to work for quite some time between refills. This humidifier is whisper quiet and it features an automatic shutoff feature, making it the perfect option for a good night’s sleep.

Honovos 2.1-gallon humidifier — $90, was $100

The Honovos 2.1-gallon humidifier and remote control against a white background.

The Honobos 2.1-gallon humidifier offers a range of impressive features. Its large capacity offers coverage of up to 500 square feet and up to 40 hours of use between refills. It’s able to adjust mist a three different levels, and a humidistat sensor can intelligently detect real-time humidity of the room you put it in. It offers some cool ambiance with a 7-color LED night light, and it operates at a low decibel level that makes it easy to sleep while it works.

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