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The best Windows tablet – the Surface Pro 6 – is on sale ahead of Black Friday

The tablet landscape has changed a lot in recent years. Tablets with 2-in-1 capabilities are becoming more and more popular, and with Microsoft jumping in on the hardware game, you are no longer stuck with just iOS or Android as options. If you want a powerful tablet that runs on Windows, there’s simply no better choice than the Microsoft Surface Pro 6. As an early Black Friday treat, Amazon is dropping its price from $899 down to $695. This Surface deal applies exclusively to the Intel Core i5 variant with 8GB of RAM.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is capable of replacing your old, crusty laptop. Since it runs a full version of Windows 10 Home, you have access to any type of specialized software you might need. It’s got a design that you’ll love to show off coupled with a performance that’s solid enough for an office setting.

A true 2-in-1, the Surface Pro 6 combines the portability of a tablet and the functionalities of a laptop. You have to buy the Type Cover or Surface Pen separately if you want to experience its full potential, but even without those accessories, you’ll be able to enjoy its multitasking power.

What makes this tablet a multitasking beast? It’s all thanks to the eighth-generation Intel Core i5 and 8GB of RAM packed inside. This combo allows you to quickly launch tasks and zip through open applications. Microsoft also got it right in terms of battery, with our review team noting that the Pro 6 is comparable to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. It can handle a full day of work at the office and can still manage to provide enough power as a tablet on your way home.

The Surface product lineup has a stellar reputation for its stunning displays, and the same can be expected with the Pro 6. Its 12.3-inch screen has one of the best pixel resolutions in the category, managing to deliver visuals that look bright, colorful, and vivid. Contrast is also spectacular which allows for deeper darks and brighter whites. Our review team put it to the test and concluded that its display is in line with premium brands like the Thinkpad, XPS, and MacBook.

Versatile in the uses it can be put to, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 makes a solid computer for your everyday productivity and entertainment needs. Score the best Windows tablet now for only $695 on Amazon and walk away with $204 in savings.

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