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Save 40% on this pet hair-friendly robot vacuum today

Trifo Lucy Robot Vacuum Cleaner tidying up floor with rug.
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If you are shopping for a full-featured robot vacuum deal or want to upgrade your current model for one that works well with a household with pets, the Trifo Lucy Robot vacuum cleaner Pet Edition breaks the mold cast by conventional robotic vacuums. Affectionately referred to as Lucy, the Trifo vacuum comes equipped with an extraordinarily powerful 4000Pa suction motor, dual-camera system with a 1080p full HD color camera, combined with a depth camera for a true 3D map. It also features night vision, for safe navigation in low-light conditions, pet waste avoidance, and more. The Trifo Pet Edition robot vac is on sale today with a seriously large 40% discount.  Normally $721, you can buy the Trifo Lucy 4000Pa Pet Edition for just $429 when you enter the code 40GG6IAD at checkout — valid from November 27th on. That’s a monster $290+ in savings.

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Lucy’s 4000Pa suction power is among the most powerful on the market today. Suction power matters when you deal with stubborn dirt, dust bunnies under the bed, and random debris on various flooring surfaces in the house. Your good buddy furry friends, their hair and dandruff, can quickly pile up and spread around along the walls, under furniture, and get more comfortable on your carpet than your furry friends. Trifo’s Lucy Pet Edition comes with an extra brushless pet hair extractor, in addition to the main brush. Users can swap them effortlessly to decide which one to use. If you’re curious, here’s how to install the pet hair extractor.

Lucy is loaded with extra features that are surprisingly useful. For example, it consists of a dual-camera system, with a 1080P full HD color camera and a depth camera. It allows the Lucy robot vac to augment your home protection system. While the Lucy Pet Edition is cleaning your home, the robot vacuum will send you an alert with short video on your smartphone, if the camera’s motion detectors sense unexpected motion. Lucy is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant but you can only view the live video with the Trifo Home app on your mobile device.

Trifo Lucy Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mobile App Feed.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

With the powerful depth sensor and camera, cleaning the floor during dark nights isn’t an issue for Lucy’s object avoidance and home protection ability because the cameras are equipped with night vision technology. Lucy is a trustworthy multi-functional home robot that protects and cleans the home 24/7. By utilizing efficient and powerful edge computing, Trifo assures that our customer’s personal data is securely stored and processed locally on the robot instead of in the cloud or on the servers. Via the Trifo Home app, users can choose to record footage or take a screenshot. The pictures and videos will be saved only on their own mobile devices. Users can also turn off the motion detection feature at any time.

Trifo Lucy Dual-Camera System for Low Light with slippers and bed.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Lucy cameras also support two-way audio, which lets you speak with friends or family, or warn off intruders. Another advantage of the two-way audio is the ability to talk to your furry friends during the day and night when Lucy is cleaning. You can see your pets with the cameras and watch as they respond to the sound of your voice. The navigation system in the vacuum lets you configure no-go zones or rooms in your home.

Lucy has a 5,200 mAh Lithium-ion battery rated for up to 120 minutes per charge. Trifo states the Trifo’s battery is sufficiently long-lasting to clean a 2,700 square foot house.

Trifo normally sells the Lucy Robot Vacuum Pet Edition for $721 on Amazon. During this sale, you can save $290+ by using the discount code 40GG6IAD at checkout. The final price after the discount will be $429. If you are seeking a powerful robot vacuum with up to two hours of operation time per battery charge and one that is specifically designed to deal with pet hair, Trifo’s Pet Edition Lucy Robot Vacuum is an intriguing option. The home protection camera, 2-way audio, object recognition, and avoidance are added bonuses.

If you missed the Black Friday sale for $330 off, don’t worry, they’ll have 40% off starting on the very next day — the 27th!

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