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Good deal! Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth headphones are $75 off

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Wireless headphones are great for keeping the outside world at bay, whether you’re trying to relax at home or focus at the office. Still, there are concerns about how much they could affect hearing, especially for frequent listeners. The Puro Sound Labs BT5200 aim to offer the audio quality and comfort of other headphones while also keeping your hearing safe, and they also happen to be on sale just in time for holiday shopping.

The maximum safe listening level for headphones has generally been determined to be 85 dB, and the BT5200 headphones limit volume to this level to keep from damaging the listeners ears. An LED display on the headphones provides visual feedback to just how loud you’re listening at any given time. If you’re trying to block out crowd noise, the max recommended volume might not be enough to do so, which is why the headphones are also noise cancelling.

Puro Sound Labs claims that the BT5200 block up to 82 percent of background noise, which would be comparable to some of the best noise canceling headphones on the market. The headphones feature 40mm custom dynamic drivers and what the company calls Puro Balanced Response, which is meant to provide an immersive listening experience, even at lower volumes.

With wireless headphones, battery life is always a concern, but it looks like it will be less so with the BT5200. Puro claims battery life of up to 24 hours of playback, or 200 hours of standby, so listeners shouldn’t need to reach for the charging cable too often.

The Puro Sound Labs BT5200 normally retail for $150, but for a limited time, the headphones are available for $75 for Cyber Week . If you’re buying for younger listeners, the Premium Kids version of the headphones is also available, which limits volume but still offers the same audio quality.

$75 at Amazon

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