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This is the cheapest robot mop Black Friday deal worth buying today

If you’re planning to take advantage of a robot mop Black Friday deal to get some help in maintaining a clean home, you should check out Walmart’s offer for the Samsung Jetbot, which brings the robot mop’s price down to just $199 after a $100 discount to its original price of $299. Complement the product that you purchased from Black Friday robot vacuum deals with the Samsung Jetbot, in what could be one of the best Black Friday deals available for robot mops.

Today’s best robot mop Black Friday deal

Samsung Jetbot Mop on floor
John Velasco / Digital Trends

Why Buy:

  • Moves, turns, and cleans simultaneously
  • Double solution tanks last for 50 minutes
  • Runs for up to 100 minutes on a single charge
  • Eight cleaning modes

The purpose of the best robot mops is to keep your floor clean without requiring any work from you, and that’s exactly what the Samsung Jetbot aims to do. It can navigate around your home by itself, mopping your rooms using its Dual Spin technology that allows it to move, turn, and clean at the same time. The robot mop is equipped with double solution tanks, which keep its pads moisturized, that last for 50 minutes before requiring a refill. Meanwhile, the Samsung Jetbot itself can run for up to 100 minutes on a single charge, which might be enough time to clean you entire home’s floor.

The Samsung Jetbot avoids walls and precisely cleans corners through its smart sensors, which also prevent the robot mop from falling down the stairs. It also comes with a total of eight cleaning modes that you can choose from, including Focus Mode to concentrate the cleaning on a specific area, Hand Mode so you can pick it up and use it to clean walls and countertops, and Random Mode to let the robot mop move around freely throughout your home. You can choose among the modes through the Samsung Jetbot’s remote.

Whether you’re planning to combine it with a robot vacuum, or you just need help with mopping your floors, you can’t go wrong with the Samsung Jetbot. Walmart is selling the robot mop for only $199, after a $100 discount to its original price of $299. There’s no telling how long stocks will last, as the global microchip shortage has affected the supply of most electronic devices, so if you want to secure your own Samsung Jetbot, there’s no time to waste. Click that Buy Now button as soon as you can.

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