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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is $300 off for Amazon Prime Day 2022

Today's Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Prime Day Deal

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 in the open position.
Thai Nguyen on Unsplash

Are folding smartphones the future? They might well be, even if uptake has been fairly low so far. But, let’s not pretend price has been a big reason why folding phones haven’t really taken off yet, as they are extremely expensive. If you’ve been hemming and hawing about picking up one of these particularly expensive pieces of kit, then this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Prime Day deal may be for you. For one of its biggest Prime Day deals, Amazon is offering the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 for $300 off, taking the price from .

It’s still an expensive device, even with the significant discount — but that enormous $300 slash goes a long way towards making this revolutionary device more accessible for a lot more people. With a massive 7.6-inch internal screen and a still sizeable 6.2-inch outer screen, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the futuristic phone you can buy right now, at a bargain price.

Why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Google Gboard split screen keyboard mode on the Galaxy Z Fold 3.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Why should you take the plunge and buy this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Prime Day deal? Because this device is every gadget lover’s current dream. The folding phone has been around for a few years now, but they’re still rarer than hen’s teeth, and that has nothing to do with how good they are. We reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and found it to be a spectacular device, with an incredible folding design, great camera, and more multi-tasking and productivity hacks than you can shake a stick at.

We’ll start with the bit we know you’re aching to hear more about: The folding screen. It’s an enormous, 7.6-inch AMOLED display running a 2208 x 1768 resolution. It’s crisp, clear, and colors are vibrant, and it has a 120Hz refresh rate as well. It’s one of the most advanced displays we’ve ever encountered — and did we mention it folds in the middle too? Fold the device in half and the main screen is hidden away, and the device turns into a more regularly-sized device, albeit one that’s twice the thickness of most devices. You don’t need to unfold it to use the Galaxy Z Fold 3 either, as there’s a 6.2-inch display on the outside as well, so you only have to use the massive tablet-sized screen when it’s actually useful.

That huge screen isn’t just for show, though. Samsung has tweaked Android in order to run up to three apps at once, in resizable windows, so you can really make the most of that extra real estate. You can watch a video while jotting down notes, and then bring up a messaging app as well while you’re at it. It’s an incredible experience, and it can be tough to go back to using a normal phone after using it for a while. It’s a good job it’s got the power to back that up, thanks to the Snapdragon 888 and an astonishing 12GB of RAM. Add in 256GB as standard, and you have a monster of a device.

The battery won’t last as long as you’d hope, but it’s a small price to pay for such an incredible phone. With $300 off, it’s still not a cheap device by any means, but it does make this groundbreaking device a bit more affordable for those who really, really want one — and who can blame them? If a foldable phone isn’t your thing, or you fancy checking out some cheaper options, check out our list of the best Prime Day phone deals.

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