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Save $100 on the Shark HE601 Air Purifier 6

Shark air purifier

Particles from pet hair dander and allergens in the air you breathe can be very problematic if you have allergies or suffer from asthma. But whether you are concerned about allergens, dander, and pet hair or simply want to keep your home free of germs and dust, an air purifier is a great way to keep the air you and your family breathe free of pollutants.

But, of course, not all air purifiers work the same. The Shark HE601 Air Purifier 6 is the company’s flagship air purifier and utilizes advanced technology to keep your home’s air virtually free of such particles. Like all of Shark’s air purifiers, it comes equipped with a Shark Anti-Allergen HEPA filter. This HEPA filter captures 99.97% of pollutants. And with an advanced odor guard on the filter, you also won’t have to worry about any foul smells from cooking, cleaning products, or other sources in your home.

Why you should buy the Shark HE601 Air Purifier 6

The HE601 is powered by six high-speed microfans that work in tandem to evenly distribute airflow across the filter. These fans are incredibly fast and incredibly quiet, working efficiently to clean your home’s air.

Shark’s Clean Sense IQ technology tracks air quality real time and auto-adjusts power to the fans to maintain clean air, while the HE601’s electronic display keeps you informed of its air-cleaning progress. The display’s interface also allows you to customize fan speeds, power mode, brightness, and more. Working together, these six fans are powerful enough to take on just about any size space, from a studio apartment to large rooms in a house.

The Shark HE601 Air Purifier 6 comes with a remote control to let you turn the fans on or off or make adjustments from anywhere in your home.

This air purifier comes with a two-year warranty, and best of all, right now you can save $100 when you purchase a Shark HE601 Air Purifier 6 from Amazon today, thanks to Prime Day. That knocks its list price of $450 down to $350. You’ll need to act fast, though: The offer will expire just before midnight tomorrow, or until Shark sells out of the deal — whichever comes first.

As we all became more concerned about cleanliness this past year, air purifiers became highly sought out items in 2020, so you don’t want to sleep on this one.

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