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This early Shark robot vacuum Black Friday deal is too good to miss

Here’s one of this year’s early best Black Friday deals that will stop you in your browsing. One of the many Walmart Black Friday deals that’s already causing a stir, the Shark EZ Robot Vacuum with Self-Empty Base is a true bargain. Walmart slashed the normal $499 price of the Shark EZ Robot to $288, a 42% discount and a savings of $211. We’ve already seen several enticing Black Friday robot vacuum deals, but Walmart’s deal for this self-emptying Shark model is outstanding.

Manufactured by SharkNinja, the Shark EZ Robot RV913S is perfect for cleaning hard floors and carpeting. A multisurface brushroll loosens dirt and debris so the vacuum can pull it into its dust bin. Dual spinning side brushes reach floor edges and corners to move debris into the main brushroll’s path. Multi-state filters in the vacuum capture pet dander and allergens as well as dust, so this model is excellent for homes with pets. The EZ Robot uses a row-by-row cleaning pattern for efficient operation, moving to the next room when the first room is finished. According to SharkNinja, this cleaning strategy provides 50% better coverage than the manufacturer’s popular Shark ION R75 robot vacuum.

The Shark EZ Robot model RV913S needs no tending for up to a month. The EZ Robot’s docking and charging station holds up to 30 days of dust, dirt, and debris. Each time the Shark EZ Robot vacuum returns to the docking station to recharge its onboard battery, the robot vac’s internal dust bin is automatically emptied into the docking station’s much larger bin. Because the EZ Robot also has a recharge-and-resume feature, the robot will go right back to the point in your home where it left off before recharging.

You can control the Shark EZ Robot Vacuum with the SharkClean mobile app. The SharkClean app lets you start or stop the EZ Robot vacuum with just one tap. You can also connect your Shark vacuum with your home Wi-Fi network to use the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant digital assistants for voice command control.

Whether you’re shopping for your first robot vacuum cleaner or upgrading from your first model, Walmart’s 42% discount is impressive. Instead of the $499 list price, you can buy the Shark EZ Robot vacuum with a self-emptying base for only $288 for years of clean floors. We don’t know how long it will remain in stock at this price, so don’t dawdle if an advanced robot vacuum is on your list.

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