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Should you shop early Prime Day deals or wait until the main event?

Laptop on Amazon surrounded by boxes of tech gear.

Now that the Prime Day date has been confirmed for July 12 and July 13, we also know that Amazon is starting early Prime Day deals from June 21. So, what do you do? Do you buy now or wait until Prime Day itself to save big?

Prime Day deals are definitely exciting. Early Prime Day deals can feel even more tempting because you get the item straight away, instead of feeling like you should wait until Prime Day itself. You may be worried that you’ll miss out on a great deal by rushing in but, actually, you’re fine.

Amazon has a generous return policy so you can always send back your purchase if you happen to find it cheaper later on in the sales season. However, that seems fairly unlikely to happen.

Instead, what tends to happen is that if a product is listed on Amazon as an early Prime Day deal, the price is almost always locked in through the entire event. If you happen to see what you want on June 21 and it’s listed as an early Prime Day deal, there’s no harm in shopping these offers immediately.

In fact, it might be useful to buy now. It’s not uncommon to see highly sought-after Amazon devices like the Echo Dot go on back-order during these events because they end up proving so popular. No one wants to have to wait weeks and maybe even into August to see a great deal arrive on their doorstep, so if you buy now, you get the item immediately.

This isn’t just the case with smaller items either. Prime Day TV deals are already looking super tempting with Amazon confirming that there will be up to 50% off Fire TV smart TVs shortly. With the chance to buy an Insignia 24-inch HD Smart Fire TV for just $90, we’re expecting to see stock run low pretty fast. If it’s the TV for you, buy it early so you don’t miss out. It’s clearly not going to drop in price any further.

However, Amazon is rarely the best place to buy a TV on Prime Day. That honor goes to Walmart which has a wider selection of TVs including some of the best TV brands, so we’re expecting to see some deep discounts here. After all, Prime Day is rarely a sales season solely for Amazon anymore, with other retailers keen to get involved.

For now, though, don’t worry about shopping early at Amazon. If it’s labeled an early Prime Day deal, it’s not going to get any cheaper. For everything else, there’s still no guarantee it will get cheaper or that there will still be stock. Buy now and use Amazon’s great returns policy if you need it.

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