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This Tile Mate tracker AirTag alternative is $18 for Prime Day

Time to take advantage of some of the best Prime Day deals on offer today, which includes not only big-ticket items like laptops and phones but also smaller little gadgets that can be handy to have around the house. If you’re constantly losing your keys or putting down your phone charger and then not being able to find it again, then this Tile Mate Prime Day deal is for you. Normally $25, you can pick up a Tile Mate from Amazon today for just $18, saving you 28%.

Why you should Buy the Tile Mate

tile mate

With this Tile Mate Prime Day deal, you can save on this small, slim device to help you locate your most precious possessions. Apple has popularized the idea of small tracking tiles with its AirTag, but the offerings from Tile as this brand is the OG of smart tags.

The Tile Mate works by giving you a small tag which you can physically attach to anything you frequently lose track of, such as your keys. If you can’t find your keys, you can pull up the Tile app on your phone and locate the object using Bluetooth and have it ring, so you can find them. And there’s an option for if you lose an item beyond the Bluetooth range of your phone as well. The tag also has a QR code on the back, which can be scanned to show your contact information, so if some kind soul finds your keys on the street, they can check the QR code and know how to return them to you.

In our comparison of the Tile Mate versus the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, a similar smart tracker, we praised the Tile Mate’s small size that makes it convenient to attach to objects you’ll carry every day like keys, its strong battery life of one year, and its ease of use with both Android and iOS phones. You can also sync your Tile account with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, so when you lose something, you can ask your voice assistant to locate it for you.

The Tile Mate is the medium-sized Tile device, and as such is suitable for keys, everyday bags or handbags, or even to clip to the collar of your pet. If you’re after a bulkier option for items like luggage, check out the Tile Pro, or for a wallet-sized version, you can try the Tile Slim. But for most cases, the Tile Mate is going to be the sweet spot in terms of size. This Tile Mate Prime Day deal is the ideal chance to pick up one or more of these handy devices, so you need never lose track of your important items again.

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