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Watch Dogs: Legion for PlayStation 5 is 50% off today at Best Buy

watch dogs legion

It’s no secret that the hottest item this Christmas — heck maybe of the entire year, decade, and century — is the PlayStation 5. Despite the holidays being passed, it’s a great time to be on the lookout for video game deals, even on the newest titles. Right now, at Best Buy, you can get 50% off Watch Dogs: Legion for the PlayStation 5. It’s down to $30 from its regular price of $60. But with the popularity of the PlayStation 5, and this game, this deal can’t last long, so get on it.

“Welcome to the resistance” goes the tagline for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs: Legion, a game that our reviewers did not reward with the highest marks, but for which there are still plenty of reasons to enjoy, especially on the PlayStation 5, where it’s best enjoyed. As you make your way through an alternative future London, fighting the oppressive state machine, you can explore a fantastically open world as your playground and fight those baddies with combat that’s incredibly fun. Watch Dogs: Legion is a hugely enjoyable mess, and for $30, what do you have to lose?

It’s the not-too-distant future, in London, which is imperiled. In the future state, everyone is watched all the time; protests have been crushed; journalism is nonexistent; street art is a high crime. The military-industrial complex has gone totally private, and its soldiers own the streets; meanwhile, regular Londoners find themselves victim to organized criminals. It’s up to you and your mates to build up a resistance and take back the world.

What we love about Watch Dogs: Legion is that every character you encounter in the world they’ve made has a backstory and is playable. You get to learn about them and adapt their skills as you build a team that will take on the overlords. And you can bring these characters online and join with friends and strangers to play co-missions and take London back together. All the while, you get to explore a fantastically detailed and beautifully imaginative version of iconic London. It’s a playground; it’s a battle; it’s a rebellion; the fun is legion.

Watch Dogs: Legion is non-stop fun and a perfect entry point to experience all the amazing new graphics and gameplay, including online play, of the new Playstation 5. Right now, at Best Buy, you can score Watch Dogs: Legion for $30 off. That’s half price! It’s down to $30 from its original price of $60. This is the kind of resistance we’re down for.

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