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Best Verizon Fios new customer deals for August 2022

Fiber-optic internet may replace cable altogether in the coming years, and if you live in a city where this newer technology is available to you and you want the best wired network speeds available, then you need to check out Verizon Fios. In 2022, Verizon is much more than a cellular service provider: Its Fios service lets you bundle high-speed internet with a telephone landline and/or a television streaming package into one plan tailored to suit your needs, habits, and budget. Verizon is always offering incentives to newcomers as well, so if you’re looking to make the switch, we’ve laid out all the best Verizon Fios new customer deals and offers in one handy place.

Verizon Fios covers your home landline phone service, but if you’re specifically after a new mobile plan, then check out these cell phone plan deals once you’re finished here.

Best Verizon Fios deals

Sign up for one of three Fios internet plans (starting at $40/month) and then mix-and-match home phone and TV services -- paying only for what you need. more
A $230 value
SimpliSafe is one of our picks for the best home security systems. Score this 8-piece home security bundle free when you sign up for the Fios Gigabit plan. more
Verizon is offering 6 months of the Disney Bundle (which includes Disney+, ESPN+, and basic Hulu) with its Gigabit internet plan. more
+ and Wi-Fi Extender with Gigabit Connection
New customers can get a free router rental, and if you sign up for the Gigabit plan, you even get a Wi-Fi extender for whole-home coverage. more
With Fios Internet
Sign up for the Fios internet package and take up to $300 off the Stream TV Soundbar or Soundbar Pro. more

Should you bundle internet and phone plans?

If you’re wondering whether you should bundle your home internet, phone, and TV plans, then the short answer is yes — depending on your usage. There are almost always Verizon new customer deals to entice people looking to switch and save, too, so make sure you don’t sleep on those when shopping around for a new service provider. Verizon has one of the best fiber optic networks in America, but as of now, Fios is available only in certain places in the Eastern U.S. You can check out the up-to-date coverage list here.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of these cheap Verizon Fios deals is that you only pay for what you actually use. That means that if you use your home internet and landline phone a lot but don’t watch that much TV (or if you already have some streaming services you’re happy with), you won’t get stuck footing the bill for a big package full of stuff you don’t really need. Alternatively, if you’re one of many who has entirely ditched a traditional landline in favor of a cell phone plan, but you want to keep up with the latest in fiber optic internet and streaming technology, there’s a Fios package for that too.

When you sign up for Verizon Fios internet (assuming it’s offered in your area), you have the freedom to choose what extras you want to add. Note that Fios is first and foremost an internet service, so you’ll need to at least sign up for one of the 300Mbps, 500Mbps, or Gigabit plans. Verizon new customer deals often include faster speeds for the same price in select locations, and if that’s available to you, you’ll see it when selecting your plans. After choosing a Verizon Fios internet package, you’ll then have the option to add one of a variety of TV and landline phone service tiers, or forgo them altogether — it’s totally up to you. That lets you tailor your bundle to your needs and habits without paying for unwanted extras.

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