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This is the CHEAPEST 50-inch QLED 4K TV you can buy today

The 50-inch Vizio M50Q7-J01 QLED 4K TV with a colorful car on the display.

Upgrading your home theater setup won’t cost you your entire savings if you take advantage of 4K TV deals, with QLED TV deals now also more affordable. If you don’t know where to start, it’s highly recommended that your browse Vizio TV deals, with the brand offering 50-inch TV deals like this $100 discount for this 50-inch QLED 4K TV that brings its price down to just $650 from its original price of $750.

QLED TVs, according to Digital Trends’ 4K TV buying guide, come with a layer of quantum dots that increase brightness and help create more natural colors. This benefit is seen on the 50-inch display of the Vizio M50Q7-J01, which also offers 4K Ultra HD resolution and Dolby Vision HDR for an immersive viewing experience within your own living room. The TV is also equipped with Vizio’s IQ Active processor, which upscales everything that you watch into 4K resolution.

Like Digital Trends’ best TVs, the Vizio M50Q7-J01 is also a smart TV, with the SmartCast platform enabling easy access to your favorite streaming services and the ability to use voice commands through the Voice Remote or the SmartCast mobile app. The TV may also be seamlessly integrated with other smart home devices that are powered by Apple’s HomeKit, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant.

You should go for a QLED TV if it fits your budget for a new 4K TV, and it probably will with Best Buy’s offer for the Vizio M50Q7-J01. The 50-inch QLED 4K TV is available from the retailer at $100 off, bringing its price down to just $650 from its original price of $750. It’s unclear when the deal will end, so if you don’t want to miss out on this offer for the Vizio M50Q7-J01, you shouldn’t waste time. Click that Buy Now button immediately.

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Best Buy’s discount makes the Vizio MQ7 Series the cheapest 50-inch QLED 4K TV that you can buy today, but if you’re not sold on it, there are alternatives you might want to check out. We’ve rounded up the best QLED TV deals that are currently available to show you these options — hopefully, there’s an offer that catches your eye.

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