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Among Us road map includes new roles, hide-and-seek mode

New features coming to Among Us were announced during today’s Summer Game Fest livestream. InnerSloth revealed its road map for the game, which includes a new game mode and cosmetics, and even new roles.

Hide-and seek is the new mode that will be added to the game. Not much is known about it, but we can expect that it will focus on the imposters looking around the map while the crewmates hide rather than stealthy murder and deception.

Two new roles, the Sherrif and the Scientist, are also being added to the game. These two are popular roles found on the mod scene for Among Us, and now they are making their debut in the official game. If the roles are similar to their mod counterparts, the Sherrif can try and kill an imposter in the game but also risks getting killed if wrong, and the Scientist can apply random effects on crewmates such as invisibility.

A new map was also announced, however, no information has been revealed about it. There will be new colors and cosmetics for players to don as well, and some of the cosmetics will finally allow players to customize their visors. There will also be new headwear and skins.

The Geoff Keighley mask has now returned to the game after being unavailable for over a year. Everyone who has watched at least 15 minutes of the livestream can pick up the mask for free in Among Us.

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