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Apex Legends version 1.1 bug resets player accounts to level 1

Apex Legends update version 1.1 bug account reset one progression

A Respawn Entertainment community manager announced that the Apex Legends development team is shutting down servers to address a known issue that resets player accounts to level one.

Shared via Reddit, the most recent update from the Apex Legends team is that players are encouraged not to buy or craft anything in the game until the issue is resolved. This problem sprung up after Apex Legends was updated to version 1.1 and the team has also labeled this as a known issue in the patch notes.

Having accounts reset back to level one means that players lost their weapon cosmetics, Legend skins, and potentially the progress made through the recently released Apex Legends season one battle pass. The Respawn Entertainment team has started turning off servers so players will not be able to engage in matches for the time being.

Apex Legends version 1.1 adds in the much-needed option to create a party with the last squad that you played a match with. It’s not as seamless as dumping the team into a party immediately after the match, but icons in the lobby can be used to invite the other two players to your squad.

So can anyone help me? I just updated my @PlayApex and lost ALL my progress and all my packs I opened?! Can anyone at @Respawn ? Lost EVERYTHING!

— SIEFE (@Siefe) April 3, 2019

@EAHelp I just logged on apex legends and all my progress got wipe completed Ievel 89 now I'm back level one, this is only most recent picture I have for my account. I have all the other things like all the purchasing I've done so far.

— Timeson (@TimelessMich) April 3, 2019

Beyond that addition, additional anti-cheat measures were added, a mute button can be found during the match intro and Legend selection, and Respawn added a category to the Report Player option on PC. Now, players can select “Cheat” or “Other” as the meaning for the report. PC players will also get informative messages if their Apex Legends games happen to crash. These will tell a player if the crash was the result of running out of memory or due to CPU errors. This will allow savvy PC players to potentially adjust their PC for better performance, or more accurately report crashes to the Respawn Entertainment development team.

With hope, the Apex Legends account reset error will not only be fixed in the near future, but affected players will have their progress restored along with all of the cosmetics they have earned. Respawn is working to give players an ETA on a fix for the problem.

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