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How to get Excalibur in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is full of weapons that have a place in either Norse or British mythology. Although it does follow a few different threads of Norse history, there are a few British myths that find their way into the game. The creators decided that straight Norse and British mythology isn’t enough, so they did take some liberties on this topic. However, there are plenty of ways to see the myths come through in the game.

One of the myths players get to participate in is Excalibur. Although players won’t get the weapon from a lady in a lake (and it gets a little mixed up with the sword in the stone), there is a bit of swimming required to get your hands on this elusive and destructive weapon. However, finding Excalibur can be difficult. Excalibur doesn’t have any real prompt or related questline — you can hit the ground running and start collecting the necessary items to unlock Excalibur as soon as you arrive in England. If you’re looking for Excalibur, here is what you’ll need and where to find it!

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The treasures of Britain

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To unlock Excalibur, you’ll need to find 11 stone tablets hidden throughout England. The first 8 tablets are hidden in various specific locations where you’ll have to show off your parkour prowess. These first eight are called the Treasures of Britain, and you’ll be rewarded with 1 skill point for every tablet you find.

The last three tables are owned by three Zealot members of The Ancient Order. Woden, Heike, and Hrothgar will be patrolling specific regions of England. Because of this, you should hold off on going to get Excalibur until you’re comfortable defeating these three. These boss battles are no joke, so unprepared players will get wrecked if they try to face them too soon in the game. Grinding and leveling up a bit will be the best way to face these there Zealots.

The first eight tablets

The first Treasure of Britain is located in the Cavern of Trials, which is on the east side of Cent. Once you arrive, go into the house and look for a ladder that goes underground. Follow the path and use Odin’s sight. This will help you locate the Key of Courage hanging from a rope. You’ll have to grab it in mid-air, so be sure to time your jump right.

Once you have the key, open the door and keep moving until you find a circular corridor that has a ruined statue in the middle and is surrounded by various entrances at different height levels. Each entrance will take you to a different puzzle that you’ll need to navigate. They’ll require you to grab more mid-air keys but with some slight twists. At the bottom is a series of doors that the three keys (Balance, Agility, and Dexterity) you collect will open. The next area will give you a puzzle with pushable crates. You’ll need to line them up to jump to the next section. After doing this three times, you’ll find stone stairs that will lead you to the tablet alter.

Santlache Mine can be found in Suthsexe, and close to the border of Cent. Head through the mine and destroy every possible barrel you find. By the end of the mine, you’ll find a clue that says, “dive where irons thrive.” Head to the water until you see an iron at the bottom. You’ll find a long underwater corridor but the treasure of Britain will be at the end of the corridor.

The next Treasure of Britain is in Grime’s Graves, located southwest of Elmenham. You’ll need to make a Leap of Faith to get into the cave and keep moving forward until you reach the end of the cave. Here, you’ll find several pots just hanging out. Break the pots to find the tablet.

The Old Cellar hides a tablet but also is full of poison clouds so be careful when going in. This cave is southwest of Colcestre. Once you reach the cellar, you can use Odin’s Sight to find the wine barrels’ locks, which you can shoot at to break. The spilled stale wine will make the water under the grate rise, leading you to the next tablet.

Wiccan Cave is located just west of Jorvik and is a pretty straightforward path but it’s also easy to get lost in. Head in and keep going until you find an open area with a tree on a center platform. Climb up the tree and jump onto the wall on the right. Follow the path until you find a T corridor, and look to your right where a dead-end is. Shoot an arrow at the ice wall and, once it’s broken, keep going until you find a locked door. You can go either right where a chicken is hanging out, or left, where two angry boars are hiding. However, both directions will reveal a hold on the side of the locked room. This will allow you to break the door lock by shooting at it. Head on in to get the tablet.

Head over to Red Lichen Cavern, just east of Wincestre, to hunt down the next tablet. This tablet will also require players to navigate poisonous clouds, which can be either avoided or burned. Luckily, this tablet is pretty straightforward. Once you arrive at the open area, head to the left where you’ll find the very short path to the tablet. Just move quickly or bring fire to ensure you can make it out alive as well.

Just northeast of Chepeham will be full of parkouring, but it’s one of the only ways to Wocig Cave and the next tablet. Drive the boat until you see some stone stairs. Hop off then walk up the stairs, face the left wall, then climb to the top, where you’ll have to do several parkour jumps to reach different platforms. Keep doing this until you see a torch. Get through the small entrance and use Odin’s Sight to peek into the room on the left. Then very carefully blow the flammable pots inside until they are all destroyed. You’ll be able to crawl under a small crack in the wall that was previously hidden by pots. This will take you to the tablet.

The Deoraby Spar Cavern is located in the north part of Snotinghamscire. Once inside, you’ll need to climb to the top platform and move through a crack in the wall. This crack will lead you to an open room with three ruined statues. First, head down the left path which will let you safely move to the right side of the room. There is an obscure parkour trail that will allow you to head to the northern side of the room. From there, climb up the statue and jump to a few more platforms, then head to the tablet chamber.

Defeating zealots for the last three

Defeating the zealots will be no joke. Be sure that you’re ready to fight before encountering these enemies. After defeating each zealot, players will be rewarded with another Treasure of Britain. Again, it’s probably best to wait until you’ve leveled up a bit before facing these bosses.

Woden the Zealot will be patrolling along the roads in Cent. Be careful before facing him as his power level is 220. Although he’s not as strong as the other two Zealots on this list, he’s very fast and uses flash bombs to hide. Remembering to constantly dodge and be patient will help you defeat him.

Heike the Zealot is second strongest, with a power level of 250. Heike roams around the roads of Essexe, and can often be found on the roads just south of Walden. Be sure to check intersections to find him more easily. He’s equipped with a sword and heavy shield. He’s fast and hits like a bag of bricks, so dodge anytime you can. He also has a thing for poison, occasionally throwing poison bombs and coating his sword in poison. Dodge, parry, and attack from afar to say alive during this fight.

The final zealot, Hrothgar, will be the most difficult. He can often be found patrolling the roads just southeast of the Suthsexe region. Simply wait for the knight to appear. He has a power level of 280 and has a few tricks up his sleeves that the other two don’t. Not only does he come at players with full force and can hit like a monster, but he can also heal himself. This ability can make him extremely frustrating to fight. Always be prepared before facing him.

Myrddin’s Cave and Excalibur

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Once you’ve collected all of the tablets, it’s time to go fetch Excalibur. However, finding Myrdinn’s Cave can be a little more tricky than most players would anticipate. Myrdinn’s Cave is located in Hamtunscire and is fairly near Stonehedge. Be careful of any wild bears that are outside, and follow the path.

Head into the cave and complete a few parkour trails followed by a Leap of Faith to find an underwater entrance. Once inside, you’ll find an open area with 11 monoliths and an alter where Excalibur is locked in the center. Place all the tablets in their respective slots to be able to pull out the mythical sword, Excalibur.

Because of the Zealot fights and the location of Myrdinn’s Cave, we’d avoid heading in this cave after you’ve collected all of the tablets. Nothing is more frustrating than getting to the end of a cave only to realize you’re short an item! Wait until you have all the tablets before heading into this cave.

Excalibur is an amazing weapon for any player to have in their arsenal. Excalibur is a two-handed sword that has Mythical qualities and belongs to the Bear Skill Tree. When you get your hands on it, it’s already upgraded to level 7 and fairly powerful on its own. Additionally, its passive effects make Heavy Finishers and Critical Hits blind all enemies in the vicinity. The sword comes with 3 rune slots, which gives you more room for improvement. The sword has amazing stats, revealing that it has over 100 attack points and, for players that have the Dual Heavy Wielding perk, it can be paired with another weapon for additional damage. It’s definitely a weapon worth checking out.

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