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How to fast travel in Baldur’s Gate 3

The continent of Faerun in Baldur's Gate 3 is massive. The landmass and scope of the world are too large to reasonably expect any player to simply run or walk across in a timely manner. Even though the game isn't a proper open world, and instead has various regions you will load between, each one can take quite a long time to navigate from one end of to the other, which can be quite a drag if you're backtracking for missed items or to complete sidequests. Thankfully there is a handy fast travel system you can utilize to zip around the world much faster, once you unlock and learn how to use it, that is. We've rolled a natural 20 while writing this guide to explain the fast travel system in Baldur's Gate 3.




40 minutes

What You Need

  • Complete the opening tutorial

  • Find your first Ancient Rune

A purple portal glowing on a wall in Baldur's Gate 3.
Larien Entertainment

How to fast travel

Without spoiling anything, once you arrive in the first major explorable area in Baldur's Gate 3 you can find the first Ancient Rune that opens up the fast travel system.

Step 1: Travel North and you will come across a strange portal on a cliff.

Step 2: Approach it to start a cutscene where you are introduced to a potential companion.

Step 3: After deciding how you want to handle meeting this new character, the Ancient Rune will have been unlocked.

Step 4: This acts as a waypoint on your map that you can travel to whenever you wish (outside of combat and dialogue).

A map screen in Baldur's Gate 3.
Larian Entertainment

Step 5: Simply hit M to open your map and either select the waypoint you want to travel to from the list, or click it on the map to go there.

Step 6: You can only travel to waypoints as you find more Ancient Runes in the world, so keep an eye out for the glowing markings in the environment.

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