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Get 'The Banner Saga' and its sequel free with your Twitch Prime membership

Amazon Prime has been nice to gamers recently. Last year, the membership introduced a 20 percent discount on new games. Later, they included a free, monthly Twitch Prime membership. In the coming weeks, people have two more reasons to sign up.

If you are an Amazon and Twitch Prime member, The Banner Saga and its sequel will be available for free for the next few weeks. By downloading and playing these games, Twitch will help fund Stoic Studios’ The Banner Saga 3.

From now until Tuesday, anyone who has set up their Twitch Prime account can download The Banner Saga for free. Starting Thursday, The Banner Saga 2 will also be free until March 7. Free games aren’t necessarily a new concept for Twitch Prime members, but this case does offer a little more.

The Banner Saga 3 is in the middle of a successful Kickstarter campaign with 11 days left to go. Twitch wants to help the sequel be great, so they will be giving $1 toward development for each person who downloads and plays either of these games through the Twitch download. Don’t just download and save for later, though. The game needs to be opened at least once before March 6 for it to qualify for the $1 pledge.

For fans who have already played the first two entries, Stoic Studios is encouraging fans to still download and open the games to add to the third game’s funding.

Other details were not given, but it is likely that the additional money won’t be pledged through Kickstarter itself. At this point in time, Stoic has already raised more than $315,000. Their initial goal was only $200,000 so the extra funding can go into improving the final product. Already, the extra funding has added playable Dredge characters and a survival mode.

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