Batman: Arkham Knight stopgap PC patch coming in August

batman arkham knight pc patch august header

Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced that a patch addressing many reported performance issues in the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight is coming in August, serving as a stopgap measure while the company readies a comprehensive update.

Warner Bros. pulled the PC version of Arkham Knight for sale from digital storefronts last month after players reported a number of critical bugs, many of which rendered the game effectively unplayable on certain hardware setups. To date, the PC version of Arkham Knight has not resurfaced via Steam or other outlets.

“As an update, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Rocksteady and our partners are targeting an interim patch update for existing players to be released in August,” Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s VP of game technology Gary Lake-Schaal explained in a recent Steam Community announcement. “This update will address many of the issues we listed in our June 27 update. We will provide additional details as we finalize that interim patch over the coming weeks.”

Issues noted in the company’s June update include a locked framerate, low-resolution texture bugs, hard drive hitches, and inconsistent full-screen rendering on laptops. August’s patch will also address hardware-specific bugs affecting NVIDIA SLI and AMD Crossfire users.

A previously released patch for the PC version of Arkham Knight fixed crashes and issues that disabled rain effects and ambient occlusion. Warner Bros. plans to reinstate Arkham Knight in digital storefronts by this fall.

Warner Bros. has additionally delayed the launch of Arkham Knight‘s DLC on PC platforms, citing the studio’s current focus on fixing the core campaign.

“Our continued focus on getting the right PC fixes in place for the main game has had an impact on the development of all DLC content for the PC version of the game,” Lake-Schaal stated.

Warner Bros. is currently sourcing feedback from affected customers as it readies August’s patch. Release dates for the patch and the reissued PC version of Arkham Knight are not yet known.