The best ‘Battlefield 5’ weapons to use in multiplayer mode

Dominate in multiplayer with a few of our favorite 'Battlefield 5' weapons

Battlefield 5 allows you to customize four different character classes across both the Axis and the Allies, meaning you can play as exactly the soldier you want to be. Figuring out your ideal class setup can be tricky for newcomers, however, and that starts with understanding the game’s weapons.


If you want to succeed in the game’s competitive multiplayer mode, you’ll need to choose the right weapons for the job, and we’ve got you covered with some great picks. Along with the guns, we’ve also included a few gadgets and tools that you can use to rack up kills once your ammunition goes dry.


Arguably the first true assault rifle ever developed, the STG-44 didn’t see much use in World War II, but that hasn’t stopped games like Battlefield 5 from throwing one at any soldier willing to wield it. As an assault rifle rather than a submachine gun, the STG-44 is better at range and deals quite a bit of damage. It doesn’t have the same control as a semi-automatic rifle, but you don’t really need accuracy when you can just hold down the trigger.

Sturmgewehr 1-5

The first assault rifle you’ll get in Battlefield 5 is also one of the most effective. The Sturmgewehr 1-5 (we aren’t sure why it isn’t also shortened to “STG”) acts as a sort of hybrid between a submachine gun and a traditional assault rifle. The rate of fire is high enough to take out medium to close-range targets pretty easily, and the bullet spread is tight enough to hit targets fairly accurately. Against semi-automatic rifles at range, you won’t want to press your luck, but you can pin them with automatic fire while you flank for the kill.

M1A1 Carbine

The M1A1 Carbine sounds like a BB gun when you pull the trigger, but don’t let that stop you from taking it into battle. The rifle is extremely accurate at medium-range, and you can essentially fire it as quickly as you pull the trigger. With a large magazine, you can easily take out a few targets before you need to reload, and picking off an entire squad isn’t even out of the question. It doesn’t fare too well against submachine guns or assault rifles at close range, however, so pick your battles carefully, but we have had occasional success against sniper rifles in medium-range encounters.


Despite being the default submachine gun for the medic class, you can do a whole lot worse than the Sten. The weapon doesn’t have a very high rate of fire, but it makes up for this with impressive control, enabling you to quickly hit your targets at close range. As a medic, your first priority won’t be killing targets, but the Sten’s efficiency will ensure you don’t have to grab more ammunition right away.

Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I

A bolt-action sniper rifle, the Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I can turn a novice Battlefield 5 player into an instrument of death in mere minutes. It’s extremely accurate, and the limited bullet drop in the game means you can routinely get headshots from pretty long distances, and with a 10-round clip, you can fire off a few shots to gauge your distance and still have plenty of ammunition left to kill your target.

Gewehr M95/30

Another bolt-action sniper rifle, the Gewehr M95/30 isn’t quite as easy to handle as the Lee-Enfield, particularly because it only has a five-round clip, but once you’ve gotten the hang of the sniper rifle, it is one of the best weapons in the game. Its damage is quite a bit higher than the Lee-Enfield, making it more reliable for killing a target in a single shot, provided that you are accurate enough to hit on your first try on a regular basis.


The tried and true pistol that helped to define the war, the M1911 – or “.45” as it’s often called informally – can put down targets in a hurry, in large part due to its heavy stopping power. Given the limited ammunition you typically have access to in Battlefield 5, you’ll be reaching for it pretty frequently, and you can count on the M1911 to get you out of a jam or two before you can reload your primary weapon. You’ll have quite a bit of extra ammunition in case you reload your weapon, but keep in mind that the magazine for the M1911 is limited, so always keep it fully refilled before switching to a different gun.

Panzerfaust 100

There are a few different anti-vehicle weapons you’ll come across in Battlefield 5, and the Panzerfaust 100 is as good a choice as any of them. The shoulder-fired rocket launcher can do pretty severe damage to armored vehicles at the sides or rear, and it can be used to destroy fortifications and structures, as well. If you see a group of enemy infantry, it can also be a good tool to flush them out, if you can’t kill them with a rocket outright.


If enemies seem to be moving forward to quickly to capture points in a Conquest match or you’re having trouble dealing with vehicles, a mine might be more effective than a rocket launcher or a rifle. A few different classes have access to mines like the S35 Bouncing Betty and the Tellermine. These are primarily designed to destroy soldiers and tanks, respectively, but we’ve even had success using the Bouncing Betty against certain vehicles. At the bare minimum, they can disable enemies long enough for you to get in a better position to finish them off.

Melee weapons

You’ll start out with a combat knife and can then select other melee weapons as you see fit, but the most important part of having a melee weapon is that you have any melee weapon. When you enter a new area and aren’t spotted by an enemy, the knife can be your best friend for some quick kills. Melee weapons are significantly less effective against targets from the front, however, so you might just want to say your prayers if you’re completely out of ammo.

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