Battlefield Play4Free coming in April

battlefield play4free coming in april bfp4fIt isn’t quite as sexy as its much anticipated older brother, Battlefield 3, but EA and DICE are banking that there is a strong and passionate audience that likes to combine online first-person shooters with the joyous word “free”. Announced last November, Battlefield Play4Free will follow the pattern set by DICE’s other free to play title, Battlefield Heroes. Up to 32 users will jump online to play a version of the Battlefield game through a series of maps that are more or less updated from Battlefield 2, and the familiar classes, including recon, assault, medic, etc, will be available.

It almost seems like there should be a catch. You take one of the most popular online multiplayer franchises, then let people play it for free, but that is exactly what DICE and EA have done again. The story is—well, it is an online multiplayer, so you have the American forces and Russian forces, and that about it. Perhaps your own imagination can fill the gaps and create an epic struggle with the fate of the world in the balance, as the Russian military is planning to carve their flag into the moon or something. The plot is irrelevant, as the focus is on the action.

The game is currently in closed beta testing, but the game will begin its open beta testing on April 4. EA will send out a handful of early invites to people registered with Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on March 31, then select Twitter and Facebook followers will receive a code to join on April 2. The beta will then open to everyone on April 4.