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Switch it up: The coolest custom Nintendo Switches in the world

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If you feel the standard Nintendo Switch looks a little drab, you aren’t alone. Plenty of modders and artists have already taken to creating some amazing, unique takes on the Switch. After all, console manufacturers shouldn’t be the only ones who get to give a system a new paint job or some custom features. We’ve compiled some of the coolest custom Switches and accessories from around the globe. Whether it’s a physical modification or a simple coat of paint, these are the best Nintendo Switch mods in the world. Which is your favorite?

Mario Pipe Joy-Con holder with storage space

It won’t charge your Joy-Cons, but this 3D-printed pipe dock comes with built-in storage space and a classic Mario figure, which sits at the top. If you have access to a 3D printer or printing service, you can get one of these yourself, as the plans are freely available.

Gundam paint job and emblem

Lovenin from Thailand combined his love for Nintendo and Gundam in his Switch mod, so he stripped the Joy-Cons and give them a fresh coat of paint. He did the same thing to the body of the Switch dock, too, opting for a rich red, accented with the golden controllers. There’s also a 3D emblem on the front of the dock, which adds even more flair and brings the whole piece together.

Street Fighter II Arcade cabinet dock

This dock from Redditor Bioecn is an ode to Street Fighter II. The old-school controls are just for show, however, that is an actual Switch nestled within the confines of the cabinet display.

Although other players have encouraged Biocen to get the buttons working, he’s declined to do so. While it is possible, he said the dock is really too small to be practical. Either way, it looks awesome.

NES and Famicom paint job

This custom paint job for the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers and Pro gamepad gives it a distinctly retro look, borrowing from the original Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicon controller designs. Although the layout is slightly different, the controllers have been skinned in the style of the early Nintendo systems, and are a treat to behold for any retro fans. The Pro Controller was the most well-received of the modifications, however, so much so that Redditor Ambergrismonsger had a number of commenters asking to buy one.

Gamecube-themed Joy-Cons and Pro Controller

Doyle Dean of Doyle’s Customs shows up a couple of times on this list thanks to his impressive modding skills. These particular customizations based on the Gamecube’s original controller not only replicate the body’s custom purple color, but the buttons and joysticks have been color-coded, too.

Splatoon-themed Joy-Cons

Doyle's Customs/Etsy
Doyle’s Customs/Etsy

Another Doyle creation, these Splatoon-themed Joy-Cons feature a stylized paint job that depicts various paint splats and color-coded buttons. The entire paint job is also clear-coated, which helps protect it from wear and tear. The custom Joy-Cons are even available through Doyle’s Etsy shop, along with several other of his creations.

N64 Switch dock

If you like your Nintendo with a dose of extra Nintendo, this mod turns an original Nintendo 64 into a dock for the Switch. It was built using an actual N64 console, a 3D-printed Switch alternate dock, and a N64 USB port mod, which makes for a unique-looking system. It’s also a good way to recycle a non-working N64, and it might even help you avoid some of those scratches that some Switch users have experienced with the standard dock. The creator also said he considered adding space in the dock for the Joy-Cons, but that it would have been too tight a fit.

Brass knuckles Joy-Con grip

Although we weren’t entirely sold on ARMS potential to be one of the Switch’s better games, you can still augment your play with this 3D-printed Joy-Con strap mod, which is shaped like a pair of brass knuckles. It slots on to the controllers and provides comfortable placement for your fingers, while making it easier to hold the diminutive controller. It’s not particularly complex, but it could be a fun and somewhat practical solution for those with access to a 3D printer. You can download the necessary files here.

Travel dock conversion

Reddit user Jolimon’s Switch modification is all function. The Redditor broke apart the original dock and fitted it inside a new, more portable casing, which made it being 75-percent smaller than the original dock. Not only does the travel dock make it easier to charge the Switch while on the go, it also allows you to hide it somewhere and extend it via a lengthy USB Type-C cable.

Although it began as a quick DIY project so the creator could play Breath of the Wild at work, it ended up being so popular with fellow Redditors that he opened up orders for those who wanted their own mini-docks. Ultimately, the orders turned out to be too numerous to fulfill: Jolimon said they plan to make a how-to video eventually, so keep your eyes peeled.

Traditional D-Pad

Although Nintendo created the original D-Pad design with the NES controllers back in the ’80s, with the release of the Switch, it opted for a split D-Pad, which essentially amounts to four additional face buttons that act as directional buttons.

While this means both Joy-Cons can be used as standalone controllers for a multitude of games, not everyone was happy about Nintendo’s decision. That’s why Redditor Persian_Assassin decided to create a traditional D-Pad to replace the directional button on the left Joy-Con. They took the D-Pad from a classic controller and cut the plastic housing on the Joy-Con plastic to make it fit, but after some sanding and creating the nub underneath that allows it to “rock” in each direction. Based on the video, it works like a charm.

Zelda NES cartridge dock

If you want to change up your dock but stick with the Nintendo theme, YouTuber Kevin Kenson’s cartridge mod is for you. The Nintendo aficionado took a classic Legend of Zelda cartridge and transplanted the Switch’s dock inside it. While it isn’t the most technically astounding mod, it does require some screwing, drilling, and some destruction of the cart’s plastic interior. It also leaves you without the docking functionality of the original dock — Kenson recommended putting together a stand for both the cartridge and your Switch, but that’s another mod in and of itself.

Coin box cartridge holder

Made using a 3D-printed cartridge holder and an existing coin box, this isn’t a mod so much as it is a fun way to store your games and MicroSD cards. Each one comes with enough space to fit six cartridges and MicroSD cards, and the plans can be downloaded for free by anyone with access to a 3D printer. You’ll need to buy the coin boxes, but you can grab a few on Amazon for just a few dollars. Plus, if you do, you’ll be able to eat the candy housed inside.

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