The best PlayStation Plus game deals

This week's PlayStation Plus deals have gems that would even make Link jealous

PlayStation Plus is arguably the best console membership service you can sign up for. It often features incredible discounts on some of the best PS4 games and is a great tool for people who want to build up their game library in a hurry. Picking up physical copies of games at Target or GameStop is certainly an option, but if you want to save some cash, take advantage of the digital sales Sony runs on the PlayStation Store. Here are the best PS Plus game deals available right now.

Free PlayStation Plus games

‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ (Free, expires 11/6)

We’ve seen Jason Voorhees kill countless unsuspecting teenagers over the years in his films, but what if you could become the masked killer and become the villain of your very own slasher flick – in a game, of course. Friday the 13th: The Game uses asymmetric multiplayer, placing one lucky player in the role of Jason while the rest attempt to survive. Prove you’re the ultimate scream queen (or king) and take the baddie down for good!

‘Laser League’ (Free, expires 11/6)

Like your sports with a little science fiction and danger thrown in? Laser League has you covered. Hitting the colored lasers of the opposing team will result in a violent – albeit temporary – end, and you and your teammates have to keep a close eye on the changing arena in order to come out on top. Laser League is from the creators of OlliOlli, who know a little something about odd takes on sports.

‘2064: Read Only Memories’ (Free, expires 11/6)

Also free on PlayStation Vita in October, 2064: Read Only Memories is a complex and fascinating take on cyberpunk that uses a gorgeous pixel-art aesthetic, harkening back to the glory days of adventure games in the ‘90s. With brilliant voice acting and a cast of eccentric characters perfect for the setting, it proves that the genre doesn’t need enormous budgets to tell a deep and mysterious story.

‘Knowledge is Power’ (Free, expires 11/6)

You claim to be the smartest person in your squad, but can you back up all that talk? With the PlayLink game Knowledge is Power, you and your opponents answer trivia questions via your mobile devices, and only the most encyclopedic minds will come out on top.

PlayStation Plus deals (Expires 10/16)

In addition to your free games, PlayStation Plus subscribers also receive exclusive discounts on other PlayStation 4 games. Currently, these include Infamous: Second Son for just $10.

Other deals and sales

Venture to snowy mountains in dangerous ruins with Lara Croft

The rebooted Tomb Raider trilogy is a perfect example of how to make blockbuster video games, and if you’re still getting caught up on Lara Croft’s adventures, you can pick up Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration for $21 right now. The second chapter in the story takes Lara from Russia to Syria, and in addition to extra downloadable content, the PS4 game even offers a VR mode.

Get into the Halloween spirit with ‘Resident Evil 7’

The first-person Resident Evil 7 is unlike any other game in the series, combining excellent, tense horror with moments of adrenaline-pumping action. It’s among the best horror games on the PlayStation 4, and if you haven’t played it yet, you can get the Gold Edition for $35. PlayStation Plus members save an additional 10%, as well, and you can play through the entire game in virtual reality if you’re a masochist.

Fall to the dark side in ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’

Since its launch in late 2017, Star Wars: Battlefront II has undergone major revisions. The controversial loot box system has been completed reworked, no longer using a “pay to win” format, and additional maps, characters, and modes give Star Wars fans reason to jump back in and blast droids and resistance fighters on a regular basis. With a downloadable campaign epilogue also available for free, there’s plenty for single-player fans to love, as well, and the game is on sale now for just $14.

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