Get to know the weapons of Sega’s Binary Domain in this new trailer

binary domain trailer 3rd personWhen it comes to video games, sometimes simple is best. In Sega’s upcoming Binary Domain, you won’t face moral dilemmas about the ethics of killing enemies, you won’t be called to search for clues at a crime scene, nor will you have to overcome psychological horrors as you make your way to the evil entity waiting for you.

In Binary Domain your enemies are mechanical constructs of varying size, speed and anger, and your goal is to mow them down on your way past. There is still a lengthy story revolving around the first creation of a robot that could pass for human, and the state of the isolationist Japan in the future, but your primary goal is: see robot, shoot robot.

To help in your robot-icide, squads will assist you, as well as an arsenal at your disposal. In the clip below, Sega has highlighted a few of the weapons you will have access to in your quest to become scourge of the mechanical world.

For more on Binary Domains, check out our E3 impressions, and look for it on Xbox 360 and PS3 in February of 2012.