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The best Akimbo pistols in Call of Duty: Warzone

There’s something incredibly satisfying about taking out your enemies with Akimbo (dual-wield) pistols in Warzone. It’s easy to rack up kills with an SMG, assault rifle, or even a sniper, but the true test of skill is to come out on top while using some of the game’s handguns, which are hard to excel with due to their low damage and clip sizes. Skilled players can easily show off by demolishing the competition by only using pistols — and what better way to show off than having a pistol in each hand?

Currently, there are six pistols to choose from in Warzone — each with its own feel, benefits, and design. But which ones are the best to use with the Akimbo perk? In this list, we’ll give you our top picks for the best Akimbo pistols in Call of Duty: Warzone, along with the recommended attachments for each.

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The Renetti is one of the game’s newer weapons and can be unlocked by getting two headshots with pistols in 15 different games. The reason we like this weapon so much is due to its high fire rate and accuracy, which can be improved by adding certain attachments. It just feels good to use and is a fairly accessible weapon to learn the ins and outs of.

Since you’ll be using Akimbo with this weapon, you want to make sure you’ve got attachments that will enhance its hip fire accuracy, seeing as how you won’t be able to aim down sights. Adding the Mk3 Burst Barrel will also come in handy, allowing you to fire off three shots with each pull of the trigger.

Here are some recommended attachments:

Muzzle Monolithic suppressor
Barrel Mk3 burst mod
Laser 5mW laser
Ammunition 27 round mags
Perk Akimbo

.50 GS

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This is easily one of the best weapons in the game, due to its high damage output. The .50 GS (or Desert Eagle) is even more deadly when coupled with the Akimbo perk if you know how to use it. In regular multiplayer, the .50 GS is a one-hit kill if you get a headshot, and in Warzone it only takes a few.

The setup you should go for is one that will increase its rate of fire since that’s the main flaw of the .50 GS. We also opted to add a few more rounds to it, ensuring we have plenty of ammo to secure a kill. Though we don’t use a silencer with this weapon when going Akimbo, you might want to — and if so, swap the Rear Grip for the Monolithic Suppressor.

Here’s the setup:

Laser 5mW laser
Trigger Action Lightweight trigger
Ammunition 13 round mags
Rear Grip Rubberized grip tape
Perk Akimbo


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The M19 is one of the most underutilized handguns in the game since it’s overshadowed by the likes of the .50 GS and the .357. But it’s really a fantastic weapon due to its damage and rate of fire. When using it with the Akimbo perk, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got the Rubberized Grip Tape to help with recoil, and we recommend you add either the 32 or 21 round mags. We didn’t encounter many instances in which having 32 rounds made much of a difference, so depending on your play style, you should consider going with the 21 round mags to help with mobility.

This is the setup we recommend:

Barrel XRK L super
Laser 5mW laser
Ammunition 13 round mags
Rear Grip Rubberized grip tape
Perk Akimbo


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You won’t find a better weapon to dual-wield than the .357. With the right attachments, you can effectively turn it into a shotgun. The strategy you should use is to fire both shots (left and right trigger) at the same time. This will usually result in being able to take out an enemy in one go, assuming they’re within close range.

You also want to take the map into consideration. If it’s a close quarters map, you’ll have a much easier time using the .357. Whichever map it is, you should ensure you’re getting close to your enemies to take them out. The Snake Shot ammo type will take care of the work for you — so long as you’re within 15 feet or so.

Here’s the setup we like to use with the .357:

Barrel .357 long
Laser 5mW laser
Trigger Action Lightweight trigger
Ammunition Snake shot
Perk Akimbo

Tips for using Akimbo pistols

In the video above, you can get a decent sense of how to use Akimbo weapons. The clip shows us using the .357, but the strategy for pretty much all Akimbo weapons is the same — and that is to ensure you’re close enough to the enemy to secure the kill. You won’t get anywhere trying to snipe someone across the map with a handgun.

The other thing to take note of is the game mode you’re playing because this can greatly impact the way you go about using your weapons. For example, in the video above, we’re playing Free-for-All, which is a lot more random and harder to discern where enemies will be since there is no hard objective to use as a point of reference. However, in modes like Domination or Headquarters, you can take advantage of those players flocking to the objective to help you get close enough to strike.

Also, pay attention to your perks when running with Akimbo pistols. If you want to be sneaky, the Ghost and Cold Blooded perks might serve you well. If you plan on getting a high amount of kills, the Quick Fix perk will do wonders — as will the Restock perk so you always have equipment to use on your enemies.

Since you’ll be using your secondary, you shouldn’t use a perk like Amped since you won’t really be switching your weapons at all. Instead, opt for Tune Up — which increases the charge time of your field upgrade — or Shrapnel — which gives you an additional stun grenade to help you grab a quick kill.

Finally, we really enjoy using the Dead Silence field upgrade since it increases your speed and it silences your footsteps for a short time. If used correctly, you can swoop in, grab a few kills, and get out before anyone knows what hit them. Combine this with Tune Up, and you’ll be in excellent shape to rack up kills with Akimbo weapons.

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