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The 10 best cars and bikes in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 has an infinite list of places to explore, jobs to complete, and reputations to build. You’ll be traversing all over Night City, building V’s Street Cred and upgrading your Cyberware. Calls and messages from fixers will be coming in left and right. It may seem overwhelming at first, with mission and job locations at every end of the city. You’ll need to ride in style if you plan on making it there. Here are 10 cars and bikes that all players should be looking to add to V’s garage.

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Quadra Turbo R Car

Cyberpunk 2077 Quadra Turbo R Car

YouTube tutorial by JorRaptor

You probably recognize the Quadra Turbo R car from every piece of promotional material put out by CD Projekt Red. The mission to unlock this iconic ride is located in Heywood, in the bottom-right corner of the area. The gig is marked by a yellow question mark and is considered a secret gig. Be warned, the threat level of this mission is considered very high. You’ll want to use every trick up V’s leave to get in and out of the mission. Once completed, the fixer will give you the coordinates to the Quadra Turbo R Car, and it’ll be free to add to V’s garage.

Rayfield Caliburn

Cyberpunk Rayfield Caliburn location

YouTube tutorial by Arekkz Gaming

The Rayfield Caliburn is considered the fastest car in Cyberpunk 2077, maxing out at 1,660 horsepower. The best part about the Rayfield is that it can be yours absolutely free! That’s right! All you have to do is drive out to the Badlands and head down a secluded dead-end road on the left side. If the road continued, it would intersect with the middle of Night City. Take a look at the video linked above for its exact location. Once you’ve arrived at the location, you’ll find a secret underground tunnel. Head through the tunnel until you arrive at a shipping container. Inside will be the Rayfield Caliburn with V’s name on it. Get inside, and it’s all yours.

Johnny Silverhand’s Porsche 911

Cyberpunk Johnny's Porsche

YouTube tutorial by RedBandit

Not only will you be unlocking Johnny’s Porsche, but completing these following steps will also grant V Johnny’s gun and iconic jacket. Eventually, you’ll progress enough in the main story to unlock a mission called Tapeworm. During the mission, V will have a conversation with Johnny. To get his iconic items, V must go along with and do exactly what Johnny says — even if it goes against your own personal morals or V’s (what little V may have). If you want Johnny’s iconic items, you’ll have to appease him. From here, you’ll unlock the mission Chippin In. You won’t see this unless you open up your journal and track it manually. When met with the option to either kill or spare a certain NPC, choose to spare him. This will unlock a crate in Night City’s dock area, which will be Johnny Silverhand’s Porsche 911.

Herrera Outlaw Supercar

Cyberpunk Outlaw Supercar

YouTube tutorial by ZaFrostPet

While the Outlaw may not be as fast as the Caliburn, it is still one of Night City’s corp class’s sleeker rides. Technically a limousine, the Outlaw will still be able to hit speeds of 186 mph. Unlike the vehicles previously mentioned, the Outlaw will have to be purchased outright. It will cost 62,000 Eurodollars and will only be available once you’ve amassed 30 Street Cred. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of opportunity to level up V’s Street Cred in Cyberpunk. You will eventually be prompted with a job called Outlaw GTS. Head to the marked location, and be ready to shell out some serious Eddies.

Rayfield Aerondight 

Cyberpunk Rayfield Areondight

YouTube tutorial by Cyberpunk Jowers 

To even beginning thinking about unlocking this hypercar, you’ll have to progress through the introduction. This entails building your character, choosing your life path, and completing The Heist mission with Jackie. Afterward, reconnect with Wakako Okada and be ready to grind. You’ll have to reach level 50 Street Cred and save 225,000 Eurodollars. Once you’ve reached 50 Street Cred, head back to Wakako and engage her in any available dialogue options. After you leave, she should message you about the Rayfield Aerondight. Head to the location, shell out the Eddies, and ride away in style with what some call the best car in Cyberpunk.

Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X — ‘Akira’

Cyberpunk Kusanagi CT-3X

YouTube tutorial by Arekkz Gaming

The Akira bike is the fastest motorbike in Cyberpunk. Again, this one will have to be purchased outright for 22,000 Eurodollars. Thankfully, you’ll only have to level up your Street Cred to level 12 and establish yourself in Westbrook before you are given the Akira bike location. You’ll be contacted by Wakaka once again, and she’ll tip V off on the location of the bike. Head there, purchase the Akira bike and add it to your motorbike collection.

Arche Nazare — Jackie’s Arche

Arche Nazare Cyberpunk

YouTube tutorial by Its Shatter

It’s important to know that there are two versions of this bike in Cyberpunk 2077. There’s one you can get for free, and there’s one you can buy later on in the game. For the sake of this article, we’ll focus mainly on the free one. This is all contingent on the decision you made at the end of The Heist mission. V was given three options: Take Jackie’s body to Vic the Ripperdoc, take Jackie’s body to his family, or have Delamain wait for V to get back. As long as you did not have Delamain wait for you, the opportunity to get Jackie’s bike is open.

Once Act II begins, you’ll be presented with a mission called Heroes. Accept the mission and follow its steps. In the end, you’ll be presented with the option to accept or decline the keys to the bike. Accept them, and the bike is yours. If you chose to decline the keys or made the wrong choice at the end of The Heist mission, you can still buy the Arche bike for 138,000 Eurodollars.

Quadra Type-66 Javelina

Cyberpunk Javelina

YouTube tutorial by ZaFrostPet

The Javelina looks like something straight out of Mad Max. Like a handful of other cars on this list, players will have to shell out some Eurodollars if they plan on owning it. It can be found out in the Badlands after you’ve hit 30 Street Cred and is available for 73,000 Eurodollars. You’ll receive a job from Dakota Smith in regard to its location. While the Caliburn will leave the Javelina in the dust from which it came, this muscle car will still hold its own in street races. The only things it’s missing are mounted machine guns and spiked tires.

Villefort Alvarado V4FC 580 Vato

Cyberpunk Vato Car

YouTube tutorial by GosuNoob

You’ll have to crack your knuckles and get ready to put up a fight if you plan on driving the Vato around for free. Early on in the game, you’ll encounter Coach Fred in your apartment complex. He’ll inform you of different street fights around Night City. Completing these is a great way to earn some extra Eurodollars, but be ready for some tough fights. One of those fights will be against Champion Cesar. Cesar will put his car — The Vato — on the line, so long as V can match it in cash. Beat Cesar in the fight, and the car is all yours.

Mackinaw Beast

Mackina Beast Truck Cyberpunk

YouTube tutorial by SiegeOC

This literal Monster Truck will dominate the streets of Night City. The truck can be unlocked by helping Clair, the bartender at The Afterlife, on a mission called The Beast in Me. This mission will send V on a series of street races — four to be exact. In the fourth race, V must choose the route of revenge when talking to Clair. At the end of the race, V will have the ability to follow Sampson. Do so, and Clair will reward V with the Beast truck upon completion.

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