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Dave the Diver: how to increase your Best Taste ranking

It doesn't matter how fancy or friendly the staff is at a restaurant. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how good the food tastes, both in real life and Dave the Diver. While a normal restaurant owner doesn't have an easy way to determine how much his customers like a meal, you have the advantage of seeing your Best Taste stat to know just how good a dish is, which then contributes to your overall Best Taste ranking. The higher this rank gets, the more popular your restaurant gets. To make your sushi joint the place to be, here's how to increase your Best Taste ranking in Dave the Diver.




40 minutes

What You Need

  • Reach Silver in Rank Up

A sushi dish getting enhanced in Dave the Diver.

How to increase Best Taste rank

Your Best Taste rank is found in your Cooksta app along with Followers and Researched Recipes when attempting to go from Silver to Gold rank. While the latter two are self-explanatory as to how to increase them, Best Taste is a little murkier.

Step 1: In your restaurant, check all your recipes and note their Best Taste stat, which is the second number listed next to the happy face with its tongue out. Recipes with more common ingredients will have lower base stats compared to those with rare ingredients.

Step 2: Find your highest-ranked recipe, or research new ones by catching rare fish to make one with as high a Best Taste stat as possible to start. Some of the best recipes to focus on are: - Tropical Fish Sashimi - Batfish Ricebowl Seagrapes - Jellyfish Sushi Stellate

Step 3: Focus on enhancing (pressing CTRL on it in the menu) that dish up until it gets a Best Taste stat of 125 or more. If you're going for the Platinum rank, you will need to boost it all the way up to 250.

Once one meal has a Best Taste stat of 125 or more, serve it up at your restaurant and you will hit the Gold rank in your Cooksta app and can claim your rewards.

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