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Death Stranding: Director’s Cut features new delivery options and online ranking

Several details about Death Stranding: Director’s Cut were revealed at Gamescom. A new trailer showed off several of the PlayStation 5 upgrade’s features, including online leaderboards, new mobility options, and more.


Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is an update of Hideo Kojima’s divisive PS4 game, with new mechanical changes that mostly revolve around combat. The game got a September 24 release date back during Sony’s July State of Play event.

Sam Bridges gives a peace sign in Death Stranding: Director's Cut.

One of the biggest new features of the Director’s Cut is the Buddy Bot. This delivery support partner will assist players in delivering packages by either carrying them to their destination or simply holding an extra load while following Sam. There are other additional delivery assistants, including thrusters and a cargo catapult.

Jump ramps also appear in the upgrade, giving players even more traversal options. These ramps amplify motorcycle jumping abilities and allow players to leap over large distances. Players can perform bike tricks while in the air.

Other footage shown during this reveal included a new Maser gun, which has the ability to stun enemies. There is also an all-new online ranking system that ties into the upgrade’s firing range and racing mode.

Director’s Cut brings more action to the Death Stranding experience. Players can not only revisit boss battles from their private room but also access new “action-packed” delivery missions.

At the end of the trailer, a teaser was shown, possibly sharing a new boss or story experience coming to Death Stranding. Sam is shown looking out a door before a giant creature appears from the shadows to ambush him.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut releases September 24 for PS5.

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