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‘Destiny 2’ Solstice of Heroes event offers a discount on custom T-shirt

Destiny 2 kicks off its “Solstice of Heroes” event later this month, rewarding dedicated players for their achievements over the first year of the game, and the “Moments of Triumph” challenges are actually already online. These give you points for completing certain activities in Destiny 2, and you’ll be able to use those points toward a custom T-shirt — yes, a real one.

A list of the majority of available Triumph activities is available on developer Bungie’s website, and it’s likely that you’ve already completed several of them. They include finishing the campaign, completing 25 public events, killing 100 enemy players in the Crucible multiplayer mode, and finishing the Leviathan raid. Each is assigned a set number of points, which can be redeemed for in-game cosmetic items like a new Sparrow vehicle, a new Ghost shell, and a new emblem.

However, the points can also be used toward a discount code on a Moments of Triumph t-shirt. After reaching 250 points, the shirt will cost $25, or $30 if you wish to add your username to the sleeve. You don’t actually have to spend points to receive these rewards, but rather they are unlocked after hitting the point requirement.

It’s a relatively unassuming shirt, so you will be able to wear it out and about without people realizing it’s from Destiny 2, and the username on the sleeve is small enough for most people to ignore. Still, it’s a cool bonus for players who invest hours and hours of their time each week into the game, only to be typically be rewarded with superficial digital merchandise.

Plenty of other goodies are available from Bungie’s online store, including multiple shirts and hoodies, glasses, figurines, patches, posters, pins, and even plush toys. We’re not exactly sure why you might want a plush of Cayde-6 holding a chicken, but that option is there.

Destiny 2‘s two expansions haven’t exactly impressed us, with relatively short campaigns and little reason to keep playing. With the game’s first major expansion Forsaken launching this fall, we expect that to change. We’ll be heading to the Reef location, and we’ll be able to fire bows and use new super abilities. It comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 4, roughly one year after the base version of Destiny 2 originally launched.

Updated on 8-1-2018: Corrected to note that points aren’t spent when unlocking new rewards.

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