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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Captive Cord location for Essence of Failure quest

Cant find the Captive Cord in Shadowkeep? Use our Essence of Failure guide

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep features a host of new legendary weapon quests, each of which sends you hunting for weapon parts on the Moon. The Essence of Failure quest tasks you with completing activities on the moon, getting auto rifle kills, and finding the Captive Cord item. Doing this will reward you with Arc Logic, a brand new assault rifle in Shadowkeep.


However, the Captive Cord’s location can be tricky to find as it appears in the Lunar Battlegrounds, an unmarked location on the Moon. If you’re not sure where that is, here’s how to get to the Captive Cord easily.

How to find the Captive Cord

To start, fast travel to the launch point at Sorrow’s Harbor, which is the northernmost section of the Moon. From there, you’ll want to travel east from the starting zone, basically graveling the length of the area. On your map, you’ll see what looks like a path leading south. That’s where you’re headed.

You’ll know you’ve found the right spot once you find a red bridge leading south. Cross the bridge and you’ll follow a linear path, which opens up into the Lunar Battlegrounds. 

From there, go straight off the red bridge that’s in front of you and jump off. You’ll see a pathway right to your left, which is filled with hive. Follow that path, which will open up into a little area filled with lunar bases.

Once you get to this point, a marker will appear on-screen indicating the Captive Cord’s location. Go to the building that’s next to the dome-like structure and jump up to the third level, where the Captive Cord will be waiting for you near a wall. Pick it up to check that item off the list. 

The rest of the steps are easy, so complete a few activities on the Moon while taking out enemies with an auto rifle to finish this off. Once you’ve completed all 3 items, head back to the Sanctuary landing zone on the Moon and interact with the lectern to get Arc Logic.

Remember that you can pick this quest up again at any time from the lectern in Sanctuary if you’re looking to farm for a perfect roll. Arc Logic has a lot of random perks that can increase its range and stability, so it’s worth hunting down a better roll if you’re an auto rifle enthusiast.

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