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Is Disney Dreamlight Valley cross-platform?

Donald Duck walks through a town in Disney Dreamlight Valley,
Gameloft / Gameloft

Mixing the addictive gameplay of a life-sim like Animal Crossing with the world of Disney was guaranteed to result in a hit. Disney Dreamlight Valley had been in early access for a few years while it added in more content, characters, quests, and tons of items. Even now that it is out, Gameloft has no plans to abandon its loyal players. Even in its early access state, Disney Dreamlight Valley has always been available on all platforms, but as of December 2023, the game got a massive multiplayer update. Farming and questing with friends in the Valley is the best way to play, but how robust is its cross-platform support?

Is Disney Dreamlight Valley cross-platform?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a little complicated. The easy part is that Disney Dreamlight Valley allows for cross-saves between all platforms, which include PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Mac, and Switch. Feel free to start on any platform and migrate to another later.

Crossplay, on the other hand, has one strange restriction. Disney Dreamlight Valley supports crossplay between all platforms except for PlayStation players. That means PlayStation players are only able to play with other people on PlayStation, while everyone else can join regardless of platform. There has been no word on whether this restriction will be removed in the future, but hopefully PlayStation players will be able to join in on the fun with everyone else soon. Thankfully, since you can move your save easily, you don’t have to start over if you began on PlayStation and want to take advantage of crossplay on other platforms.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley leaves early access in December, but won’t be free
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Gameloft confirmed that its Disney life sim Disney Dreamlight Valley will finally leave early access on December 5 alongside the release of its A Rift in Time expansion. That said, Gameloft also confirmed one big change: Disney Dreamlight Valley will no longer be free-to-play when it comes out.

Disney Dreamlight Valley entered early access in September 2022 as a cozy life sim game inspired by games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It has received a steady stream of content updates since, and Gameloft finally decided that it's time for the game to leave early access. Disney Dreamlight Valley will finally do so this December.
The blog post announcing that date confirms that "existing players will keep their access to the game, their Moonstones, and their save game" when Disney Dreamlight Valley launches. One thing that won't be happening is Disney Dreamlight Valley going free-to-play.
When the game was announced, Gameloft's original intention was to have a paid early access period for what would then transition to a free-to-play game. Gameloft decided to reverse that decision, so Disney Dreamlight Valley's base game will remain priced at $30 after its December 5 launch. "This choice ensures that Disney Dreamlight Valley will be able to continue delivering on a premium game experience for all players," Gameloft explains in a blog post. "It's important to us that we maintain our promise to keep delivering free content updates that add new characters, realms, clothing, furniture, and more surprises to your Valley."
Microtransactions will remain in the game after launch despite the fact that Disney Dreamlight Valley is no longer a free-to-play game. Gameloft says in-game purchases "will remain optional, fair, and match the level of quality players have come to expect."
Disney Dreamlight Valley will exit early access across PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch on December 5.

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