‘Dota 2’ is finally free of all sign-up restrictions

dota 2 finally free sign restrictions crowd during the mlg final day photo by enrique espinoza

After months of sign-ups and a queue system, Valve has opened the gates to Dota 2 and removed all sign-up restriction. Since its official release in July, Valve has been gradually increasing the number of players that can jump in at once while improving its infrastructure. It has been a long, long process, but a successful one.

According to Valve’s numbers, the Dota 2 community is 6.5 million strong per month, and that number may continue to expand now that the restrictions are gone. Previously, to play Dota 2 you needed to wait in a queue. It wasn’t a particularly prohibitive wait, but it may have scared some people away.

Now, in order to play you simply need to head to Dota 2’s Steam page and click “Play Game” to download it.

Dota 2 currently holds the title for most played game on Steam. Today alone at its peak, the game recorded 611,480 players. By comparison, the second most played game was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which topped out at just under 70,000 players.