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Final Dying Light 2 showcase highlights co-op gameplay

With Dying Light 2‘s launch date less than a month away, developer Techland wrapped up its Dying 2 Know stream series with an info dump that detailed co-op gameplay. Much like Dying LightDying Light 2: Stay Human will feature four-player co-op, which can be played straight through to the end of the game.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human — Dying 2 Know Episode 6

Co-op in Dying Light 2 should be intuitive, forgoing some of the hassles that can come with progressing through a game in someone else’s lobby. When a player hosts a game, for instance, anyone who joins them will keep their progression and items. Players should also play with friends they trust because co-op also ties into Dying Light 2‘s narrative choices. Whenever a choice comes up during a co-op session, every player will get a chance to vote. Thankfully, whoever is hosting a co-op session will still get the final say in any decision, preventing any decision hijacking.

Along with co-op, today’s Dying 2 Know finale included a look at the game across all console platforms, including PlayStation S4 and Xbox One. Dying Light 2‘s performance on these platforms has been a point of contention, and while today’s presentation does show it running on both last-gen and current-gen consoles, it may not alleviate those concerns.

This section compared how Dying Light 2 runs on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, although without any graphs or numbers. Raw gameplay is shown of specific, scripted sections. That makes it hard to discern what frame rates could be like in actual gameplay.

However, it’s easy to tell that Dying Light 2 won’t be running at 60 frames per second on either the PS4 or Xbox One. Whether the games will be able to maintain a steady 30 frames per second (fps) is still up in the air.

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