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Enshrouded gets its most requested feature in a new major update

Enshrouded - Melodies of The Mire | Official Update Trailer

Open-world survival game Enshrouded‘s next major update is a big one, not only bringing a long-requested server feature but also adding more fun activities and a new area.

In the “Melodies of Mire” update, developer Keen Games introduced a new sub-biome, called the Blackmire, for players at levels 13-15. There will be new quests and ingredients for players to uncover, and the update on the game’s website even teases a new survivor you can bring to your camp. Keen has also added craftable musical instruments for the first time, so you can live out your medieval fantasy with a lute session around the campfire.

However, the other big change is one players have been asking for since launch: player-based quest progression. I’ve been following Enshrouded since launch, and some of the game’s most requested features have involved the servers, which allow up to 16 players. While you can play the game solo, the fun is playing with other people, running into them as you explore, or just letting somebody work on the base while another gathers supplies. However, if one player on the server finished a quest, nobody else there could experience it. You can see how having server-based quest progression instead of player-based could be an issue.

Servers are also getting more features in the update, specifically permission settings that allow players to set individual passwords for others who join. Elsewhere, players have been requested more customization, and the update is bringing a new vanity system to help players customize their gear without having to switch based on stats.

Enshrouded made a big splash at its early access launch back in January. While the game was a bit barebones, it offered incredibly detailed and easy-to-use base building and a world filled with a mysterious fog that’ll kill you in five minutes. Keen has been relying on a lot of user feedback for updates, even releasing an extensive roadmap for the rest of 2024 with additions like Steam Deck support, portals to other servers, and more.

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