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Everything you need to know about Fortnite chapter 2, season 7

With the start of Fortnite chapter 2, season 7, the ever-evolving battle royale has gotten some major changes. This time, it’s alien-themed and features many new weapons, map alterations, and of course, a new battle pass. Along with that, there are many new cosmetic skins to unlock, like Superman and even Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty. But above all else, the main new attraction is the aliens that have invaded Fortnite, and it’s your job to fight back with the help of Doctor Slone. New and returning characters from Fortnite will also make an appearance throughout the season.

Below, we’ll detail all the new changes with chapter 2, season 7, including the new weapons, battle pass, map changes, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite chapter 2, season 7.

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Alien invasion

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With the new alien theme, you’ll notice a lot of changes, including more lore and the debut of a new character called Doctor Slone. This character is part of the Imagined Order (IO) and will prioritize saving the planet from the alien invasion. You’ll need to team up with Slone and the IO to keep the world of Fortnite safe.

One of the most prominent changes is the presence of flying saucers, which can be shot down or hijacked. If you board one, you can use it to fly around the map to take down your opponents or to simply escape the deadly storm. The saucers have mounted guns on them and can be used to defeat other players. You can even utilize the saucers to pick up vehicles and building supplies, which is a nifty new inclusion. Though, this also means saucers will likely be highly sought after, so you’ll need to get to one quickly.

Customizable characters

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Another notable change comes with the ability to customize your own alien, thanks to the new Kymera outfit. Fortnite has implemented customization options before, but this is by far the deepest it’s ever been, allowing you to alter the head, eyes, skin color, skin pattern, armor, and more. To use these functions, you’ll need to purchase the battle pass (more on that below). Once you’ve obtained the battle pass, you’ll gain access to the Kymera outfit. You’ll then need to spend Alien Artifacts, which serve as a currency, to purchase each part.

For instance, the Webbed Head style costs two Alien Artifacts, while the Gazing Head costs three. This currency works a lot like the Gold Bars from previous seasons and can be obtained as you play. You can find them around the island, or from Cosmic Chests, which are also scattered around the world.

New weapons

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Of course, each season of Fortnite comes with new weapons, and this one is no exception. With the help of IO, you’ll have a slew of new firearms at your disposal. These include the new Rail Gun, which can be used to shoot through surfaces; the Flexible Pulse Rifle, for those longer-ranged engagements; and even a Recon Scanner, a device made for surveying the world around you. All of these weapons come to you from Doctor Slone and can be collected around the map.

However, the aliens have technology of their own and have developed a Kymera Ray Gun, which you can look forward to using throughout the season. Epic Games has also revealed that more weapons will be added “as the season progresses.”

The other notable thing about season 7’s new gadgets is the updated crafting materials. In this season, you’ll be using nuts and bolts to turn ordinary weapons into stronger counterparts. For instance, the regular assault rifle can be crafted into a burst rifle, while the SMG can be upgraded to a rapid-fire SMG. Each base weapon can be altered to perform better on the battlefield, so keep an eye out for those upgrade materials.

Map alterations

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It wouldn’t be a new season of Fortnite without map changes. While the overall layout of the map remains the same, you’ll notice a handful of new spots to visit during season 7. The center of the map still has a giant point of interest, but gone are the orange branching paths from season 6. Due to the alien invasion, there are many subtle differences you’ll notice, especially in the terrain and color palette, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for new areas.

The new marked locations are as follows:

  • Believer Beach
  • Corny Complex

But you’ll also find new things to discover to the east and west of Craggy Cliffs, as well as to the west of Lazy Lake and north of Retail Row. Part of the fun of Fortnite is exploring, so we won’t spoil everything here!

A new battle pass

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Finally, let’s dive into the new battle pass of season 7, as it comes with a lot of changes. The most notable change is that Epic has reintroduced the Battle Stars system, allowing players to unlock battle pass items in any order. This means you won’t have to go through the numbered tier system chronologically to obtain cosmetic items. As you level up your battle pass, you earn Battle Stars, and these function sort of like a currency, which is used to “buy” items. This gives players a bit more agency in the way they unlock items and allows them to skip over the ones they might not want.

As for characters, there are lots to get your hands on this season, including the aforementioned customizable Kymera, Sunny, a rabbit named Guggimon, Joey, Unzipped, Zyg, Choppy, Doctor Slone, and Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty. Halfway through the season, players will gain the ability to unlock Superman, so be sure to check into Fortnite in a few weeks. This also means there will likely be Superman-related challenges to unlock once the hero goes live. As you level up your battle pass, you’ll gain access to various cosmetics you’ve grown to expect from Fortnite like emotes, skins, loading screens, and even V-bucks.

Speaking of V-bucks, remember, you’ll need to purchase the battle pass to gain access to all of the goodies mentioned above. It costs 950 V-bucks, which is equivalent to around $8. The nice thing is that as you play, you’ll gain back V-bucks by leveling up the battle pass, and they can be used for the next season. And, as always, we’ll be covering the new challenges each and every week, so be on the lookout for our guides as they become available.

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