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To create Exoprimal’s story, Capcom pitted past and future against one another

Exoprimal is one of the most ridiculous games of the year, but it’s also one of the most fun. It’s unabashedly charming as it builds a compelling, campy narrative across matches, in which giant Exosuits face off against AI-summoned dinosaurs. It intertwines its gameplay and narrative in ways few multiplayer games do, in a way that left me curious about its creation.

Just days after the game’s launch, I spoke to Exoprimal’s development team to learn more about Capcom’s unique approach to creating a world for this distinct multiplayer shooter. The team members I spoke to revealed that the world and narrative of Exoprimal are centered around one main idea that’s obvious in hindsight: past and future colliding.

Past, meet future

While Exoprimal initially elicited many comparisons to Capcom’s previous dinosaur-related IP, Dino Crisis, the development team made it clear that the goal from the start was always to create an entirely fresh IP. From a gameplay perspective, game director Takuro Hiraoka and art director Takuro Fuse tell Digital Trends that Capcom wanted to find an exciting way to pair PvE and PvP components into one experience and experiment with showing a massive amount of enemies on the screen at once. Having a compelling world for it to take place in was also a vital goal.

Deadeye fights dinosaurs in Exoprimal
Capcom / Capcom

Exoprimal is a new IP, so it was very important for us to build a world that feels real and has a richness to it but also can tell a story that isn’t too slow, isn’t too fast, and is compelling and believable,” Hiraoka tells Digital Trends. “Finding a way to marry the worldbuilding and storytelling was a big challenge for us, but we feel we found a good balance.”

In Exoprimal, a rogue AI traps the player and their crew on the deserted Bikitoa Island. It turns out that this rogue AI, Leviathan, wants to collect data from an eternal “Wargame,” which essentially means teleporting soldiers with Exosuits from parallel realities three years into the past to fight hordes of dinosaurs. It’s pretty ridiculous, and Exoprimal’s narrative gives off the vibe of a B-movie. Still, Takuro Fuse made it clear that the development team always had this rather distinct narrative vision for the title.

“The idea of past and future meet in the present world was something that was decided from a very early stage of development,” Fuse tells Digital Trends. “One of the first things discussed was what sort of enemy creatures we should incorporate into the game, and the team landed very quickly upon dinosaurs. Then, expanding on the science fiction elements, things like time travel, parallel worlds, and an AI running the Wargames combine the past and the future in the present.”

A group of players fights a T-Rex in Exoprimal.

The team referenced the running idea of past and future colliding when creating Exoprimal’s cast of characters. Fuse tells Digital Trends that Capcom not only wanted to make a diverse cast that feels at home in this future setting but also wanted all of them to have some recognizable elements or sense of “nostalgia” to them so that players can see how these character archetypes from the past deal with such an alien, futuristic situation. Fuse specifically referenced Majesty, a red-headed NPC that players learn lore from, when explaining this, which makes sense as she’s reminiscent of characters like Alien’s Ellen Ripley or Dino Crisis’ Regina. Having elements that players recognize was meant to make that clash with futuristic AI all the more impact.

Delivering a timely story

The AI thread present in Exoprimal is particularly timely. Over the past year, discussions about AI and its ability to create content or independently think have become more commonplace, with tech companies and futurists promoting technology that has always seemed futuristic. Director Takura Hiraoka explained that AI’s presence in Exoprimal was significant before the topic became a water cooler issue and that Capcom chose to focus on it because AI is such a futuristic idea.

“A lot of thought went into what sort of components would be important for being able to tell that narrative that combines past and future in a compelling and exciting way,” Hiraoka tells Digital Trends. “As the team put more thought into it, they landed on the idea of AI. It’s very sci-fi focused, and it would also be very useful as a way to help the story unfold in a really exciting way for players.”

Leviathan opens a bunch of portals in Exoprimal.

Still, as it stands, Exoprimal’s narrative currently serves as a cautionary tale about an AI that gains too much self-control and can’t stop its pursuit of perfection. By contrasting that with dinosaurs drawn from the past, the ridiculousness of a technology-driven future becomes all the more apparent. For the B-movie vibes the plot gives, Exoprimal’s story is shockingly thoughtful and much more robust than your standard multiplayer game.

The shooter’s premise conveniently gives players a reason to play the same kind of multiplayer match repeatedly. However, Exoprimal still features more of a linear narrative than most of its genre peers. Occasionally, full cutscenes will play before and after a round. Between matches, players unlock conversations through an “Analysis Map” that features a variety of scenes that add depth to the characters and world and allow players to experience Exoprimal’s narrative at their own pace.

Hiraoka tells Digital Trends that the team invented the Analysis Map system because it provides “an additional component of storytelling that isn’t necessarily possible to capture in a multiplayer match where you want to keep the pace ongoing and have people come back and play more.” Sadly, he also stated that there currently aren’t any plans to continue the plot of Exoprimal throughout its announced post-launch road map, although a new final mission is coming to the game next month.

Murasame slashes at enemies in Exoprimal

Even if Exoprimal doesn’t get additional story content in its lifetime, Fuse and Hiraoka’s insights have deepened my understanding of what the dinosaur shooter sets out to accomplish. Fuse tells Digital Trends that this project helped the team learn how to design “in such a way that players are able to notice the amount of detail and work that went into their creation and aesthetic,” and I think that shines through in the final game.

Exoprimal is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. You can also play it with Xbox Game Pass.

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Tomas Franzese
Tomas Franzese is a Staff Writer at Digital Trends, where he reports on and reviews the latest releases and exciting…
Exoprimal is Overwatch with dinosaurs and I’m already sold
A group of players fights a T-Rex in Exoprimal.

Capcom does not have an excellent track record with multiplayer games. While the Monster Hunter titles have always been solid, games like Umbrella Corps missed the mark with underwhelming gameplay. That puts Exoprimal in a weird position, especially considering that it’s a Capcom dinosaur game that doesn't use the much-beloved Dino Crisis IP, a franchise fans have been begging to see revived.
This isn’t Dino Crisis 4; it’s something wholly new. Still, I came away pleasantly surprised from my hands-on with Exoprimal’s closed beta, as it’s a much more robust and inspired multiplayer shooter than I expected. While its PvP aspect feels muddled in Dinosaur Survival mode, Exoprimal is a promising cooperative shooter with dinosaurs as enemies and a distinct visual flair.
Exoprimal - Dinosaur Introduction
The cavalry’s here
In Exoprimal, players control soldiers eternally stuck in “Wargames,” where they must survive hordes of dinosaurs because an AI named Leviathan has gone rogue. It’s a light narrative that justifies why players repeatedly do the same mission, but the concept is wacky enough for me to buy into it. Visuals and combat are where Exoprimal shines, though.
Exoprimal is a detailed and crisp-looking RE Engine game but also is as vibrant and colorful as you’d hope a game about mechs fighting dinosaurs would be. If the frame rate can stay stable while fighting off hordes of dinosaurs across all platforms, this could be one of the most visually pleasing games of 2023. As for the gameplay, Exoprimal features flash exosuit weapons and abilities and actually lifts its role-based gameplay out of Overwatch.
While Dinosaur Survival doesn’t copy Overwatch’s PvP experience like Gundam Evolution, exosuits split into Assault, Tank, and Support roles, just like heroes in Overwatch. Some abilities are similar to those of Overwatch characters, and team composition is vital to success. The player character even yells “The cavalry’s here” when getting into the Deadeye Assault exosuit, clearing up any confusion about its influences. Thankfully, Capcom doesn’t have to worry about stepping on Blizzard Entertainment’s toes thanks to its wildly different premise and cooperative focus -- at least until Overwatch 2’s PvE content finally comes out.

In this Closed Beta, I had access to two Assault exosuits, one tank exosuit, and one support exosuit. My favorite class so far is the Witch Doctor, a healing-focused exosuit that could directly patch up allies or put out an area-of-effect attack that heals everyone in its vicinity. Offensively, it’s not good on its own, but I found that I enjoyed helping my allies in a way I hadn’t since Mercy and Baptiste pre-nerf in Overwatch.
Gunplay is satisfying, and each exosuit’s special abilities lend themselves to unique team compositions that allow you to mow down dinos efficiently. Players can change their exosuits at any time if need be, although this does leave you exposed without any suit powers for a little bit. If you liked Overwatch’s role-based system and wondered how it’d look in a more cooperative experience, Exoprimal is worth a look.
Dealing with the dino crisis
The one mode available to play during this Closed Beta was Dinosaur Survival. The setting and objectives would vary a little bit from match to match, but the core was always the same: two teams complete a series of objectives independently from each other, with the winner getting a head start in the final leg of the match.

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Resident Evil Village DLC, Exoprimal, and more headline Capcom Showcase
Ethan Winter's daughter Rosemary sits sadly on a bus in Resident Evil Village Shadow of Rose.

Following livestreams from Sony, Microsoft, and Geoff Keighley, Capcom decided to get in on the video game showcase fun. During its June 13 showcase, Capcom revealed the Shadows of Rose DLC for Resident Evil Village and provided some new looks at its other upcoming games like Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and Exoprimal. 
Capcom Showcase | 6.13.2022
The biggest announcement of the show by far was Resident Evil Village's long-awaited DLC. It stars Ethan Winter's daughter Rosemary, plays out from a third-person perspective, and is fittingly titled Shadows of Rose. It will be released on October 28 alongside the multiplayer Resident Evil Re:Verse and an update for Resident Evil Village that adds new content to Mercenaries mode and a third-person mode to Village's main campaign.
While that was the biggest reveal from the show, we also got a look at plenty of other Capcom games. The showcase started by giving us another look at Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and revealing a demo for the expansion that launches on June 14. Capcom then reminded players of the release windows for Street Fighter 6, Capcom Fighting Collection, and Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium but didn't reveal much in the way of new info for them. After that, Exoprimal got a brand-new trailer featuring its evil AI, Leviathan. Capcom showed how Exoprimal's PvPvDinosaur matches play out and the Exosuit classes players can choose from, then teased that a Closed Network Test will be held prior to the game's launch. 
We also learned that a 10th anniversary Dragon's Dogma stream will be held on June 16 before getting another look at Resident Evil 4's remake. Capcom showed an extended version of the State of Play trailer before showing some new gameplay featuring improved visuals. It looks much more in line with Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3's graphics. The show concluded by revealing that PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of those remakes and Resident Evil VII launch today, June 13.
It was an underwhelming showcase overall, but painted an extremely clear picture of what we can expect from this lauded Japanese publisher over the next year. 

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Exoprimal looks like a Dino Crisis spiritual successor
A group of players fights a T-Rex in Exoprimal.

The first reveal of the March 9 State of Play event was Exoprimal, a new sci-fi shooter from Capcom. Those with knowledge of obscure game series will recognize that this game serves as a spiritual successor of sorts to Dino Crisis, an old dinosaur-ridden survival horror series from Capcom. 
In the reveal trailer for Exoprimal, we see a squad of five soldiers in high-tech, Anthem-like armor fight hordes of dinosaurs rushing out of portals. They all team up to take on a giant T. Rex at the end of the trailer. 
Exoprimal - State of Play March 2022 Reveal Trailer | PS5, PS4
A press release following its announcement revealed a lot more about the game. Exoprimal is set in the year 2040, when dinosaurs are appearing in portals around the world and destroying major cities. In response, a tech company called Aibius Corporation is deploying "Exofighters" to quell these incursions. There are a variety of Exosuit classes that fill traditional RPG roles like the tank or healer. 
Exoprimal's flagship game mode is Dino Survival, where two teams of five fight to complete objectives before the other. Of course, various dinosaurs will try their best to impede each team's progress. Capcom describes Exoprimal as "purely focused around multiplayer," but is still promising to interweave an engaging narrative throughout the experience.

Despite its similarities to Dino Crisis, Capcom did not mention that series in this announcement. It's possible Dino Crisis was too obscure for Capcom to connect this new game to that franchise. Alternatively, Exoprimal might just be different enough with its cooperative sci-fi shooter gameplay that Capcom was more comfortable leaving it in spiritual successor territory. 
Despite appearing in a PlayStation presentation, it isn't exclusive to those consoles. Exoprimal will be released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in 2023.

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