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Fallout 4 for PC gets mod support in April, consoles soon after

Definitely ideal for anyone that wants to easily try different types of mods in Fallout 4, Bethesda announced a launch month for the official modding toolkit that lets players make changes to the existing game. Launching during April 2016, the PC version of the toolkit will be available before the two console versions. The Xbox One toolkit will be released during May 2016 and the PlayStation 4 version will be available during June 2016.

Basically, players will be able to alter the core game and publish new mods on a community platform such as Steam. When the mod is available on Steam, anyone that’s purchased Fallout 4 will have access to install the mod with very little effort. Another Bethesda game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has significantly flourished within the modding community. Modders have developed everything from gameplay tweaks to entire content packs, thus keeping Skyrim continually active within the Steam community.

Of course, there have been plenty of unofficial Fallout 4 mods released within the enthusiast community. Some of the more popular mods let players apply any modified design to weapons, increase the volume of resources and space for building settlements, expand on the current library of settlement building options, improve on the existing Pipboy map, add shell casings during weapon fire, open up all dialogue options, or allow creatures like Deathclaws to become extremely deadly followers.

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Detailed by Bethesda executive director Todd Howard, the modding toolkit for Fallout 4 has been timed to arrived in between the first two DLC content packs for the popular, open-world game. While included within the purchase of the season pass, the $10 Automatron pack pits players against an army of evil robots sent forth by a new villain and will be available in March. After the modding toolkit comes out, the $5 Wasteland Workshop pack will be released during the same month and give players the ability to pit Fallout 4 creatures in archaic animal fighting matches.

As players start publishing new mods on Steam, Bethesda will launch the first major content pack for Fallout 4 in the form of the Far Harbor DLC pack. Utilizing one of the most popular sidekicks in the game, the player will be transported to an island just off the coast of Maine to solve a case for the Valentine Detective Agency, hopefully taking wise-cracking Nick Valentine along for the ride.

Interestingly, Bethesda is actually going to raise the Season Pass price due to the large volume of content packs being released for Fallout 4. While currently available at a $30 price point, the Season Pass will shoot up to $50 starting on March 1, 2016. Bethesda is planning on releasing significantly more than the original target of $60 in DLC content, thus the price increase is justified in the eyes of the developer. Of course, anyone that purchased with Season Pass at the lower price point will have access to all DLC content without having to pay an additional $20.

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