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‘Far Cry 5’ DLC ‘Hours of Darkness’ heads to Vietnam on June 5

Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness Teaser Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Far Cry 5‘s enormous Hope County setting is filled with missions to complete, animals to hunt, and collectibles to find, but if you’ve been looking to explore somewhere a little more exotic, the game’s first DLC pack, Hours of Darkness, is just what you’re looking for. The expansion moves the action to Vietnam, and it’s available in just a few weeks.

Launching on June 5, Hours of Darkness follows Hope County native Wendell “Red” Redler on a mission to rescue his friends in Vietnam. This isn’t the first time we’ve met Wendell, as he shows up in the main Far Cry 5 game and asks you to collect the Vietnam lighters located throughout Hope County.

The teaser trailer, which you can view above, shows a soldier tied up with a gun pointed at his head. A bloody shovel sits next to him, and there appears to be more blood just behind his captors.

“In war, you don’t always get to choose who lives and who dies,” Wendell says in the teaser. “All you can do is stand with your brothers, come hell or high water, and if you’re lucky, everyone makes it out alive.”

The DLC will be worth replaying, as you’ll unlock the stripped down “Survivor” mode, as well as the souped-up “Action Movie” mode, once you’ve completed it. The former removes much of your equipment and makes the game more difficult, while the latter lets you carry more weapons and gives you a better airstrike.

Hours of Darkness also adds several weapons to the game, including the M60 machine gun and a Vietnam-era M16, which can be taken back to Hope County when you’re done. You also get a “Survival Instinct” ability that rewards stealth-kills, as well as the ability to call in airstrikes.

If you don’t own the Far Cry 5 season pass and don’t want to drop $12 on the DLC, you will still be able to enjoy some of it right now. Assets from Hours of Darkness have been added to the Far Cry 5 Arcade for users to create their own levels and challenges. The Arcade also includes assets from games like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, and Watch Dogs.

Far Cry 5 is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Those who own the season pass will be able to play Far Cry 3: Classic Edition on May 29. It will be available to everyone else on June 26.

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