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Far Cry 6 Supremo Backpack Guide: All backpack abilities and where to find them

You can play stealthy, guns blazing, or some combination of the two in Far Cry 6. The open-world nature of the game lets you tackle objectives as you see fit, so long as it involves killing everyone in your path, that is. To facilitate this mass carnage, all in the name of freeing Yara from the clutches of an evil dictator mind you, you will be given many tools of destruction and mayhem. Guns will be your standard, faithful method for dishing out justice, but they’re far from your only option. A new tool that Far Cry 6’s protagonist has access to almost right away is the Supremo Backpack, which can instantly turn the tides of a firefight in your favor.

Supremo Backpacks come in many different forms, seven to be exact, and each has its own ability. Some are more offensive-focused, while others have more support or situational uses, but all are very powerful and worth collecting. Each ability has a meter that must be charged to use it, either by waiting or filling it up faster by getting kills with your traditional weaponry. You will be given one automatically, but the rest have to be unlocked and purchased. The only exception is the final Supremo, which you need to go out of your way to find. If you want to be fully equipped to face the Yaran military forces, follow our guide here on all the Supremo Backpack abilities and how to get them in Far Cry 6.

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Two Far Cry 6 players shoot in co-op.
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You will automatically be given this Supremo Backpack as your first one during the early main missions of Far Cry 6 called Du or Die. Once you get it, you may be tempted to never even bother looking into getting another because of how cool, and useful, it is. The Exterminador’s ability is called Armageddon Strike and is just as devastating as it sounds. When activated, your backpack will shoot out a flurry of missiles into the air that automatically track nearby hostiles ahead of you and blow them to smithereens. These missiles are great for just about everything, from regular soldiers to land- and air-based vehicles.


Looking at the Fantasma Supremo backpack.
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The next available Supremo you can unlock is the Fantasma. As long as you have enough depleted uranium, you can buy this second Supremo as soon as you want from Juan or any of his merchants. This backpack’s unique ability is called Venom Salvo. Can you guess what this one might do? If you thought it would launch a giant gas grenade, you’d be correct. Just like poison bullets, anyone who is in range of this gas’s area of effect will become confused and start attacking their allies. From there, you’re free to waltz on by, or take advantage of the chaos and wipe out a base with ease.

Obviously, the Fantasma is only going to be useful against ground troops, and not so much against vehicles.


Looking at the Volta Supremo backpack.
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The Volta is another Supremo you can purchase as early as you are able to afford it from Juan or his men. Like the Fantasma to some extent, this is a great backpack to equip if you like to play with more of a stealth focus in Far Cry 6. What the Volta can do is called the El Impulso. You could probably guess, even without knowing Spanish, that this is an EMP-type ability. When activated, your Supremo will send out an electronic-busting blast that will instantly shut down all security systems in the area, disable vehicles for an easy hijack, and even knock over foot soldiers.


Using a Supremo to jetpack through the air.
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The first Supremo Backpack that has a requirement to get, aside from purchasing it with depleted uranium of course, is the Furioso. To open this pack up for purchase, you will need to just hit rank 3, so not too much of a grind. Once equipped, you will get the Fuego Loco ability. This is a very unique skill as it first shoots out a ring of fire ahead of you, incinerating anyone and anything in its path, but it also has a second function. If you jump while activated, you gain something of a double jump or air dash where you will be launched forward to help reposition yourself on the battlefield.


Looking at the Medico Supremo backpack.
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Next up, the Medico will unlock in Juan’s shop as soon as you hit rank 4 in Far Cry 6. Again, the name somewhat gives away what this Supremo has in store. Called Zona Medicina, this pack’s ability is a fully support- and survival-focused skill. It has a few functions to note. First is that it gives you a self-revive, but also gives you and any allies, NPC or co-op, passive health regeneration. This makes it a great addition to mix and match with your co-op partner to keep each other alive in dangerous situations.


Dani injecting herself with her Supremo.
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Keeping with the trend, rank up one more time to 5 and you can purchase the Gladiador Supremo Backpack. We’re back to a more combat- and damage-dealing type with this backpack. The ability is called Juice Injector and will give your character buffs to just about every stat you’d want in a fight. Your health and speed are both pushed to the max, and it makes every melee strike a deadly machete attack. You’re not invincible in this state, but you will probably feel like you are.


Seeing an enemy highlighted through a wall.
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Finally, we have the Triador. This is the only Supremo Backpack that isn’t obtained through Juan’s shop or automatically given to you. You’ll need to do a little extra exploring and questing to get your hands on it, but boy is it worth the effort. To find this very powerful pack, you will have to complete the Triada Blessings Yaran Story side quest chain. This is also how you get one of the Amigos and the unique La Varita Rifle, so there’s even more incentive to tackle these optional missions. These quests start at the Oluwa Cave, which will take you all across the entire map of Yara.

Manage to grab this final Supremo Backpack and you will get access to the Truesight ability. Switch this bad boy on and it will highlight all enemy outlines, even if they’re behind walls or cover. And, while it’s at it, they’ll become marked as well. Whether you want to be stealthy or go full-on assault mode, being able to see every enemy in a base, regardless of if they’re actually visible or not, is an amazing advantage.

One final little bonus for getting all seven Supremo Backpacks is that you will unlock the Backpacking trophy or achievement.

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