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Far Cry 6 crafting guide: How to craft weapon attachments, ammo, and more

If you want to excel at Far Cry 6, you need to master crafting — buying, creating, and adding mods to your most important items. Crafting can greatly change the way you play as well as add powerful boosts, so it’s well worth spending some time on. Our guide will get you caught up on everything you need to know.

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What can you craft in Far Cry 6?

Two Far Cry 6 players shoot in co-op.

Primarily, your weapons. You can add mods to your weapons in every slot, which include your three primary weapons, your sidearm, and your vehicle weapons. While you can wear many additional types of gear to get various perks, you cannot craft your clothing like you can weapons.

The other primary crafting option is for your Supremo, your special backpack/toolkit equipped with a powerful ability. You can’t exactly change what the Supremo of your choice does, but you can add mods to change the perks it provides, how your grenades work, and more.

Where do you craft in Far Cry 6?

Resolver Workbench menu.

You can only craft from a Resolver Workbench. These benches are found at the camps you unlock as you explore the game. Early on, you are introduced to the basics of the Workbench and crafting to help you get used to it.

You can only craft guns that you have already found, and crafting takes a certain amount of different resources (we’ll dive into that below). As you continue to find more materials and guns, more crafting options will be made available to you. This is one reason it’s a good idea to always take time to pick up resources when you find them. And, of course, weapons that aren’t technically guns, like bows, can also be crafted in very similar ways.

Mastering the weapon sockets

La Varita weapon in Far Cry 6.

Crafting in Far Cry 6 is divided into four primary categories — ammo, muzzle, optical, and pointer. You can equip one mod of each on your gun to change how it works. Let’s jump in and see what these categories are like and what crafting options you may want to (literally) shoot for.


Ammo sockets allow you to change the type of ammo you shoot. This is one of the most varied and interesting sockets and allows you to drastically change the way you play if you prefer. Simple options like ammo-piercing rounds are excellent for fast takedowns and dealing with elite enemies. Poison and incendiary rounds can provide particularly innovative methods of dealing with an enemy camp, especially if you like to sow chaos. Explosive rounds are great at handling larger targets as well, like those pesky helicopters.


The muzzle socket will dictate how your weapon fires. Here, you’ll want to choose mods that enable the specific weapon type you are using. If you are playing a sneaky, sniping game with your enemies, you will want to look for the most powerful suppressors that cut down as much sound as possible. If you like sniper rifles in particular, you could also choose to keep your distance and switch to a mod that allows your bullets to travel farther.

If you are using a weapon with a high rate of fire, you’ll want to choose muzzle mods that will prevent it from overheating instead. Pistols may benefit from compensators instead for a more accurate aim.


This socket is all about mastering your gun sights. Choose the sights that work best for your playstyle, which is typically determined by the range you like to shoot at. This socket works best if you experiment with a variety of sights so you can find the range and style that most benefit you.


This is a simple option to add a laser pointer to your gun. It’s not always necessary (or for some weapons, even possible), but it can be useful for certain builds. There’s not much detriment to using a pointer for mid- and close-range weapons.

Mastering Supremo mods

Far Cry 6 Arsenal Screen.

The Arsenal Supremo backpack allows you to equip a number of throwables and mods that affect your general gameplay or add effects to your weapons. There’s a lot to experiment with here, but we’ll narrow it down to a few recommendations:

  • Equip a few different kinds of projectiles. Normal pipe bombs are fine in the beginning, but you’ll want to have a selection for a variety of situations.
  • If you lack another source of EMP damage, it’s a good idea to have EMP grenades equipped as well.
  • The general socket should always match your playstyle. If you use stealth a lot, equip a mod that reduces noise. If you run and gun, plan for the excellent healing factor mod. If you like to go straight in, choose mods that add more defense.
  • Charger sockets control how your Supremo gains charges. Pick the mod based on what you do most often, from headshots to healing yourself.

Gathering your resources

Far Cry 6 Cache.

Many mods need to be crafted by using the right ingredients. Guns, for example, will require gunpowder as a base ingredient and then other resources depending on the type. Here’s a quick rundown of common resources and what you should know about them.

Gunpowder: Gunpowder is used for all different kinds of weapon upgrades. The best way to find it is to locate non-weapon FND caches on the map and open them. Non-FND caches are identified by their FND logos.

Supremo-Bond: This is used to add mods to your Supremos and can be found in a variety of situations, including Libertad Crates, FND Supply Drops, and more. However, it can’t be traded for.

Recycled fasteners: These nuts and bolts are easy to pick up around any facility with metalwork or scrap. You can also trade meat for them and find them in various caches.

Industrial circuits: If you want circuits, you’ll have to work for them. They can be found in Guerrilla Caches, as a reward for Ambushes, and sometimes as a trade for rare meats.

Durable seals: As long as you are looking for other resources, you should stumble on plenty of durable seals, which are found in many places and traded for common meats.

Durable plastic: You’ll need plastic for some Supremo mods, and you can occasionally find it in workshops and facilities, as well as get it as a reward for ambushes. It also trades for a variety of uncommon meats.

Recycled glass:  You can find glass in many scrapyards and workshops, and oddly enough it can be traded for a variety of fish.

Industrial composite: This is a tough material to find, but you can get it from the most challenging ambushes, or by trading the rarest fish or Moneda at camp.

Depleted uranium: This is a rare resource used to buy new Supremos and other specialized gear. It’s typically found in anti-aircraft bases.

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