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How to upgrade potions in Final Fantasy 16

Potions are the default healing items in nearly every RPG. These mysterious tonics usually are the weaker of the healing items and are eventually replaced with stronger ones like Hi Potions, but while Final Fantasy 16 does have Potions, Hi Potions, and even Elixers, you will rely on the most basic version most of the time. As you level up and get stronger, they will start to feel less and less effective, even if you've upgraded your carrying capacity. Rather than spending more money to stock up on more expensive healing items, you can make your Potions heal for more. Here's how you can upgrade all your Potions and tonics in Final Fantasy 16.



What You Need

  • Complete The Root of the Problem sidequest

  • Complete the Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol sidequest

Nigel bidding Clive farewell in his shop.
Square Enix

How to upgrade Potions

You have two opportunities to make your Potions more effective throughout Final Fantasy 16, and both of them are tied to sidequests. The first doesn't take too long to become available, but you will need to wait a bit on the second.

Step 1: Once you complete the main mission called "After the Storm," visit Nigel, Head Botanist in the Hideaway.

Step 2: Take on "The Root of the Problem" sidequest to collect some Morganbeard seeds for him.

Step 3: Travel to Sorrowise to collect them, bring them back, and turn in the quest to increase your Potion strength.

Step 4: The second and final sidequest you need to do to fully upgrade your Potions is the "Please Sir, Can I have Some Morbol" quest.

Step 5: Unlike the first, this one is a Notorious Hunt you pick up from the Hunt Board after you reach the "Like Father, Like Daughter" main mission.

Step 6: This hunt has you going after a dangerous Morbol named Carrot in the Whispering Waters.

Step 7: Slay the beast, collect the tendril, and return it to Nigel to max out your Potion power.

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