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All Wall of Memories curiosities in Final Fantasy 16

Clive is a more sentimental guy than you might expect from looking at him. Even though he puts on a tough face, it’s clear he still cares deeply for those around him in Final Fantasy 16. This is most obvious once you unlock the Wall of Memories where he will store all the trinkets and items he finds to display. These curiosities are the main collectibles you will be picking up throughout Final Fantasy 16, but only the first is handed to you. The remaining ones will be off the main path and take a little more work. If you want to fully stock Clive’s Wall of Memories with every collectible, here’s where you can find them in Final Fantasy 16.

All curiosities

A description of the oath item in the wall of memories.
Square Enix

There are a total of 22 curiosities to find to fill up your Wall of Memories in Final Fantasy 16, but you could really say 21 since the first is given to you as part of the story. Here’s where to get them all so you can unlock the For the Hoard trophy.

The Oath

Automatically obtained once you reach the “Cid the Outlaw” main quest.

Ambrosia’s Tack

Rewarded to you after completing “The White-Winged Wonder” sidequest.

Martelle Apples

Rewarded to you after completing “The Fruits of Her Labors” sidequest.

Cid’s Goblet

Rewarded to you after completing the “Payback” sidequest.

Guardians Scarf

Rewarded to you after completing “The Flames of War” sidequest.

Continental Censer

Rewarded to you after completing the “An Eye for an Eye” sidequest.

Hanged Man Signboard

Rewarded to you after completing the “For Great Justice II” sidequest.

Martha’s Rest Signboard

Rewarded to you after completing the “Rekindling the Flame II” sidequest.

Crimson Caravans Signboard

Rewarded to you after completing the “Trading Places II” sidequest.

Charred Sparring Sword

Rewarded to you after completing the “More than Words” sidequest.

Scholar’s Bonnet

Rewarded to you after completing the”An Inconvenient Truth” sidequest.

Stolas Quill

Rewarded to you after completing the “A Tail to Tell” sidequest.

Model Airship

Rewarded to you after completing the “Aiming High” sidequest.

Winter Mead

Rewarded to you after completing the “Silver Linings” sidequest.

Rusted Battlehelm

Rewarded to you after completing the “Where There’s a Will” sidequest.

Snow Daisy Garland

Rewarded to you after completing the “Priceless” sidequest.

The Triunity Accord

Rewarded to you after completing the “Three’s Company” sidequest.

Briar’s Kiss Signboard

Rewarded to you after completing the “Lines in the Sand II” sidequest.

Clayhearth Signboard

Rewarded to you after completing the “Duty Undying II” sidequest.

Veil Signboard

Rewarded to you after completing the “Under New Management II” sidequest.

Medicine Chest

Rewarded to you after completing the “Back to Their Origin” sidequest.

The Circle of Malius

Rewarded to you after completing all of the trails in every chronolith.

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