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Forspoken necklaces: all necklace locations and abilities

RPGS, whether action or turn-based, typically have some sort of gear or equipment system that lets you add some nice buffs or special perks to your character. In Forspoken, one of the main forms of gear is simple necklaces, but instead of just being fancy jewelry, these pieces of bling have powerful effects. Picking which one to wear out will come down to more than what matches your outfit, so here are all the necklaces in Forspoken, what they do, and how to get them.

What necklaces do

The necklace menu in Forspoken.

Necklaces are similar to cloaks, but typically enhance your offense more than defense. They give different stat boosts, can be upgraded, and have a nice visual flair too. You will get them through a variety of tasks, such as defeating bosses and completing quests. They can also just simply be founs in the world. There are two that are missable, so pay special attention to those.

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All necklaces, what they do, and how to get them

Name What it does How to get it
Nadezhda None Complete the Vivus Village in the Middle Praenost area of Praenost
Sarka Support magic deals extra damage Complete the Ruins of Pagus in the Citadel area of Praenost
Aslani Enemies are downed for longer Complete the Shoal Pond in the Water Garden area of Avoalet
Yavuz Gagnant Precision counters freeze enemies in place

Casting Frequency Boosts surge Magic recharge rate

Complete the Colline Village in The Fountainfields area of Avoalet
Oithur Cuff Counters expend less stamina

Precision Counters expend less stamina

Complete the Ruins of Austur in The Windy Hills area of Visoria
Tesouro de Athia Precision Counters electrocute enemies

Enemies can be knocked to the ground more easily by Precision Counters

Enemies can be knocked to the ground more easily

Complete the Fruegel Village in the Academy Hills area of Visoria
Phool Sa None Complete the Thane Village in The Blessed Plains area of Cipal
Balle Balle Casting Frequency Boosts Critical Hit rate

Improved Surge Magic recharge rate when HP is high

Recovering from defenselessness triggers Auto-Heal Effect

Complete the Place of Prayer in the Sacred Peaks area of Cipal
Home Sweet Hell Attack Magic triggered during Parkour restores stamina

Killer blows deal more damage

Recover from defenselessness more quickly

Craftable after purchasing the Sewing Kit item from the Curiosity Shop in Inner Visoria for 64 Old Coins. It requires 3 Fluteblossoms, 3 Bumbershoots, and 3 Lucid Garlands
Orison Auto-Heal Effect triggered when enemy defeated Complete Locked Labyrinth: East in the Barren Plains area of Cipal
Shrift Damage boosted when surge magic not fully charged Complete Locked Labyrinth: Mountain in the Pioneers’ Plain area of Praenost
Troth Killer Blows boost Surge Magic recharge rate

Enemies can be knocked to the ground more easily when Surge Magic Is fully charged

Complete Locked Labyrinth: Depths in the Untrodden Forest area of Avoalet
Sooth Attack Magic damage boosted when stamina fully charged

Support Magic boosted when stamina is full

Surge Magic boosted when stamina is full

Complete Locked Labyrinth: South in the Homestead Hills area of Visoria
Nemeni Prisaha None Complete the Sila’s Pact Detour for Johedy during Chapter 7 of Forspoken *missable*
Naee Aasha None Speak to Johedy before leaving Cipal during Chapter 10 of Forspoken *missable*
Symbol Combo Enemies can be knocked to the ground more easily by Attack Magic triggered during parkour PlayStation 5 preorder bonus
Combo Enemies can be knocked to the ground more easily by Attack Magic triggered during parkour PC preorder bonus

Best necklaces to wear

  • Home Sweet Hell: This necklace has the highest stats in the game, plus it restores your stamina while attacking so you never need to slow down.
  • Tesouro De Athia: If you’re good at performing precision counters, this necklace will make you basically unstoppable by shocking and downing foes with ease.
  • Balle Belle: Just by shooting more spells, which you will be doing naturally, you will start ramping up more and more crits, and the auto healing when recovering keeps you trucking.
  • Sooth: For a simple choice, just take this necklace that improves basically all your offensive magic options.
  • Orison: This necklace is best early on when you’re taking the most damage since you can recover by staying on the offensive and heal from killing enemies.

How to change necklaces

Changing out your necklace is a simple as going into the Gear tab on your menu, selecting your necklace below the cloak option, and then cycling through all the ones you’ve unlocked and equipping whichever you choose.

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