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Fortnite gets spooky with the new Midas’ Revenge Halloween event

Fortnitemares 2020 Midas' Revenge Gameplay Trailer - Fortnite

Halloween is almost upon us, and that means one thing for Fortnite fans: The return of Fortnitemares, the annual spooky October event. This year’s event is called Midas’ Revenge and revolves around a ghoulish theme of the undead. The event is available on all platforms and, as expected, there are a bunch of new challenges and rewards.

“Shadow Midas and his reawakened Henchmen have reclaimed what was once The Agency,” Epic Games wrote in a blog post announcing the event. “During Fortnitemares, you’ll follow in their phantom footsteps and haunt your adversaries on the Island.

“After being eliminated in Solo, Duos, or Squads, return to battle as a Shadow for your shot at a Nitemare Royale. Join fellow Shadows to defeat survivors by using your otherworldly abilities, like possessing the body of vehicles…”

One of the fun ways the undead concept is incorporated into the game is through a feature in battle royale island, in which players who have been killed return as Shadows and can kill players who are still alive. The Shadows can also take control of vehicles for all sorts of chaotic, spooky fun.

The event also sees the return of Spy Boss and fan-favorite character Midas, who can be seen prowling the Ruins as a Shadow beast.

As you’d hope for from a Fortnite event, there are fun extras to pick up which are dotted around the island, like a Pumpkin Rocket Launcher, a Fiend Hunter Crossbow, and a Witch Broom you can take for a ride. Epic also promises that there’s some mysterious candy sprinkled around as well, which has been left for the Shadows for who knows what purpose.

And it wouldn’t be an event without challenges and rewards, so you can earn treats like Midas’ Shadow Wrap, the Smash O’-Lantern Pickaxe, and Bobo Back Bling. You can rock these for the spooky season or roll with them all year round if that’s your style.

The event is live right now and will run until November 3. For more detailed information about how to complete the challenges and other helpful tips, check out our Fortnite season 4 week 9 challenge guide.

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