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MultiVersus Halloween event guide and rewards

It seems that every game with an online element, especially those that are free-to-play, is getting in on the Halloween spirit. Whether they’re shooters, RPGs, or, in this case, fighters, there is always a fun way to bring in the spooky season with a new mode, event, and special rewards. For MultiVersus, this holiday will be a major one, as not only will the new character Stripe be introduced with the patch, but there will also be an entire host of Halloween content.

Unlike some other larger-scale games, MultiVersus can’t exactly create brand-new dedicated game types just for Halloween, as much as we’d be excited if they did. However, that hasn’t stopped the team from adding some sweet incentives for playing and a new little layer to the game that will let you get your hands on some brand-new rewards that you can’t get any other way. Here’s a full guide on the Halloween event in MultiVersus and what rewards you can snag.

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What is the Halloween event?

The MultiVersus Halloween event is already underway, so you don’t need to do anything special to opt-in to participate. The event itself will run up until November 15, giving you plenty of time to earn all the rewards you find appealing.

The main aspect of the Halloween event is a new, temporary currency called candy. Candy is earned by completing matches, with different amounts rewarded for both wins and losses in each of the game modes. If you play normally in either Free-For-All, Singles, or Doubles, you will earn 20 candy for every match you win and only 10 for every match you lose.

However, there is a way to double these payouts to 40 per win and 20 per loss. If you unlock and wear a special Halloween costume on any character during a match, you will get the extra candy payout. Plus, if you are playing Doubles and both players on your team wear a costume, you will get 60 candy per win and 40 for a loss.

Otherwise, just play as you will and earn your candy to get some of the special Halloween rewards that can only be bought for those special treats.

What are the rewards?

Tom and jerry dressed as vampires.

MultiVersus has added a ton of new costumes, icons, stickers, and variants for essentially the entire cast to spend your candy on. However, many of the best items will cost quite a bit of those sweet treats, while others will cost your regular Gleamium, so take a look at them all and plan ahead so you can stock up before spending.

Halloween skins:

  • Mummy Reindog — 3,000 candy
  • Calico Cake — 12,000 candy
  • Vampire Tom and Jerry — 800 Gleamium
  • Witch Velma — 1,500 Gleamium
  • Black Lantern Superman — 2,000 Gleamium
  • Black Lantern Wonder Woman — 2,000 Gleamium
  • Frankenstein Iron Giant — 1,500 Gleamium

Other Halloween rewards:

  • Pumpkin Patch profile icon — 150 candy
  • Jack-O-Lantern emote sticker — 500 candy
  • Mummy Reindog Epic variant — 12,000 candy
  • Calico Cake Epic variant — 12,000 candy

Now, if you’re either not a fan of any of these rewards or just play enough to have all that you want, never fear: Unlike in real life, you can actually sell back your candy for gold. The exchange rate is pretty terrible — 500 candy will only give you 10 gold — but it’s better than letting it go bad, right?

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