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Fortnite: When is the Collision event and how to attend

Fortnite chapter 3, season 2‘s finale is coming very soon. As is usually the case at the end of a season, the game is dropping a one-time event that will connect it to season 3. This chapter’s big ending is titled “Collision” and is set to be the grand return of the mecha bear known as Mecha Team Leader. Thankfully, it’ll be harder to miss than ever for everyone with Fortnite returning to Apple devices with Xbox Cloud.

4 Fortnite characters standing in front of Mecha Team Leader with the word "COLLISION" atop them.
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Collision not only marks the end of another season, but the end of the Zero Point story arc as well. However, Epic Games doesn’t want you to go into the event solo. You’re going to need some backup. Here’s everything you need to know about Collision so you don’t miss out on the next climactic Fortnite event.

When is Fortnite’s Collision event?

Collision is set to start at 1 p.m. PT on Saturday June 4. Remember, it’s a one-time event, so if you miss it, it won’t be returning in the future.

How to join Fortnite’s Collision event

Before you decide to join up in the event playlist, you’ll need a squad of four as it’s a requirement for Collision. After you squad up via random fills or with friends, then you can simply pick the playlist and wait for it to start. It’s recommended to queue up at least 30 minutes in advance to bypass any server errors due to player count.

Don’t forget to finish quests and use earned Battle Stars

With Collision concluding another season, you’ll want to make sure you finish any quests and unlock any desired rewards. Things like Omni Chips used to unlock Omni Swords and Prowler skin unlock quests completely disappear at the end of the season at 1 p.m. PT on June 4 .

Battle Stars, which can be unlocked by everyone, should be used to get specific items you want before the end of the season as well. If left unused, they will unlock items available automatically, starting from the least costly until they run out.

Don’t forget, anyone who logs into Fortnite at all on June 4 is awarded an exclusive loading screen and lobby music track.

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