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All Fortnite chapter 3, season 2 quests

Fortnite chapter 3, season 2 launched on March 20, introducing a lengthy list of new changes, features, and cosmetics to earn. With that in mind, Epic Games has also introduced more quests for us to complete, most of which are tied to the season’s new mechanics. The biggest change this time around is the removal of the building mechanic, which is an absolute game-changer, forcing players to rely solely on their aim rather than their ability to quickly create a massive structure to hide within.

Completing challenges is the best source of XP, so you’ll want to make sure you’re finishing most of them as you play through each season — that way, you can get closer to leveling up your battle pass all the way. If you complete them as you go, rather than trying to finish as many as possible toward the end of the season, you’ll likely have an easier time leveling up.

Here, we’ll keep a running list of all the quests for chapter 3, season 2, with links to guides to help you complete them all. Each week, we’ll update the list with the latest challenges, so be sure to check back after a new quest list goes live.

These are all the Fortnite chapter 3, season 2 quests.

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Season 2, week 1 quests

Promo art for Fortnite chapter 3, season 2.
Image used with permission by copyright holder
  • Use the Repair Torch To Fix a Vehicle (200)
  • Spend Bars (500)
  • Search Chests on IO Airships (3)
  • Mantle Onto a Ledge Within 3 Seconds of Sprinting (3)
  • Launch Yourself 150 Meters from a Siege Cannon (150)
  • Deal Damage to IO Forces (500)
  • Collect a Drum Shotgun and a Combat SMG in a Single Match (2)

Many of this week’s challenges are tied to the season’s new mechanics and features (such as the repair torch, airships, and mantling) and also require you to use new weapons. Thankfully, the majority of the quests are fairly straightforward once you know where to go and once you understand the new mechanics. For help completing them, we recommend checking out our dedicated guide below.

Season 2, week 1 quest guide

Season 2, week 2 quests

Tank in Fortnite.
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  • Visit Sanctuary, Tilted Towers, and Command Cavern (3)
  • Travel 300 meters in a tank (300)
  • Purchase a weapon of Rare rarity or higher from a vending machine (1)
  • Destroy structures using remote explosives (25)
  • Deal shotgun damage to opponents within five seconds of sprinting (200)
  • Damage opponents with an Exotic weapon (150)
  • Collect a weapon while sliding (1)

Season 2, week 2 quest guide

Season 2, week 3 quests

Two NPCs posing during Fortnite chapter 3, season 2.
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  • Damage opponents from 30 or more meters with the revolver (100)
  • Deal damage to opponents at Synapse Station or The Daily Bugle (75)
  • Emote within 10 meters of a character (1)
  • Gain shields by consuming foragables (50)
  • Mod a vehicle with the cow catcher (1)
  • Search chests and ammo boxes at IO Outposts (3)
  • Use an ascender at Chonker’s Speedway and Command Cavern (2)

Season 2, week 3 quest guide

Season 2, week 4 quests

Flying with jetpack in Fortnite.
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  • Accept a bounty from a bounty board within 30 seconds of landing (1)
  • Catch or collect a Thermal Fish (1)
  • Deal damage to opponents with a harvesting tool (75)
  • Eliminate IO forces within a single match (3)
  • Get seconds of airtime after being hit by a shockwave grenade (3)
  • Travel in the air with a jetpack (100)
  • Visit gas stations in a Battlebus (3)

Season 2, week 4 quest guide

Season 2, week 5 quests

Jill Valentine shooting enemy in Fortnite.
Image used with permission by copyright holder
  • Damage an Opponent Within 10 Seconds of Mantling (1)
  • Damage Opponent Vehicles with the Heavy Sniper (600)
  • Fall 10 Stories or More Without Taking Damage (1)
  • Gain Shield from Small Shield Potions in One Match (75)
  • Headshot IO Forces with a Sniper at Command Cavern or a Battle Location (3)
  • Heal The Seven Forces with Med Mist at a Battle Location (1)
  • Hit an Opponent Twice Using the Ranger Shotgun, Without Taking Damage (1)

Season 2, week 5 quest guide

Season 2, week 6 quests

Throwing cabbage off cliff in Fortnite.
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  • Deal 100 Damage or More to an Opponent with One Bullet (1)
  • Deal Damage to Opponents from 30 or More Meters with an Assault Rifle (150)
  • Deal Damage to Opponents While You Are Falling (150)
  • Get Air Time in a Tank (3)
  • Hit an Opponent’s Tank with a Pistol, While Crouched (200)
  • Mantle 5 Times in 5 Seconds (5)
  • Throw Cabbage 100 Meters or More in One Toss (1)

Season 2, week 6 quest guide

Season 2, week 7 quests

Jill Valentine jumping with burst rifle in Fortnite.
Image used with permission by copyright holder
  • Damage Opponents with the Repair Torch (5)
  • Deal Headshot Damage with the Striker Burst Rifle (300)
  • Destroy a Turret Using Remote Explosives (1)
  • Destroy Structures with the Cow Catcher (200)
  • Disable a Tank by Damaging the Engine (1)
  • Recover Stolen Seven Supplies at IO Locations (3)
  • Visit Different Named Locations in a Single Match (5)

Season 2, week 7 quest guide

Season 2, week 8 quests

Overhead shot of Jill Valentine by plant in Fortnite.
Image used with permission by copyright holder
  • Call in an Air Strike on a Tank (1)
  • Deal Damage to Enemies with the Combat SMG (500)
  • Deal Damage to Opponents from 10 Meters or Less with the Drum Shotgun (150)
  • Detonate Remote Explosives While Sliding (2)
  • Plant Saplings at Bomb Crater Clusters (3)
  • Refuel a Repair Torch at a Gas Pump (2)
  • Travel 1,000 Meters in the Choppa (1,000)

Season 2, week 8 quest guide

Season 2, week 9 quests

Choppa in Fortnite.
Image used with permission by copyright holder
  • Call in an Air Strike at The Collider or The Fortress (1)
  • Drive a Battle Bus or Fly a Choppa to Command Cavern (1)
  • Emote at Different IO Airship Crash Sites (2)
  • Hit an Enemy Player with a Ranger Shotgun from over 50 Meters (1)
  • Repair a Vehicle at Synapse Station or at Chonker’s Speedway (200)
  • Shoot Out Tires on IO Vehicles (3)
  • Use an Ascender and Deal Damage to Opponents Within 30 Seconds (100)

Season 2, week 9 quest guide

Season 2, week 10 quests

Player using mounted turret in Fortnite.
Image used with permission by copyright holder
  • Deploy a Tent at a Seven Outpost (1)
  • Emote on Top of an IO Outpost (1)
  • Enter a Vehicle Within 10 Seconds of Landing (1)
  • Fly Into The Collider’s Energy Field (1)
  • Repair Any Turret Using the Repair Torch (300)
  • Use a Med-Mist While Sliding (1)
  • Use a Mounted Turret to Damage Opponents in Vehicles (1,200)

Season 2, week 10 quest guide

Omni Sword quests

Omni Sword from Fortnite.
Image used with permission by copyright holder
  • Collect Omni Chips at Logjam Lumberyard (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Greasy Grove (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Mighty Monument (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at The Temple (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Loot Lake (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Chonker’s Speedway (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Camp Cuddle (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Synapse Station (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Sanctuary (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at The Daily Bugle (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Condo Canyon (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Windbreakers (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Rocky Reels (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Launchpad (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Shifty Shafts (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Seven Outpost II (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Crispy Crater (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Tumbledown Temple (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Cuddle Cruisers (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Sleepy Sound (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Command Cavern (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at The Joneses (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Shell or High Water (3)
  • Collect Omni Chips at Coney Crossroads (3)

The Omni Sword quests are unlocked by purchasing the battle pass. You then need to unlock the Omni Sword itself from within the battle pass and you’ll gain access to the quests tied to it. For this, hidden chips are scattered around the map, serving as currency to customize the sword with. Each week, Epic Games will add more chips to the map, so make sure you collect them as you play to gain progress. Our guide below has the latest details on finding all available chips.

Omni Sword quest guide

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