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‘Fortnite’ in-game tournaments will give you the chance to beat the pros

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If you watch Fortnite pros like Ninja and think you have what it takes to earn the Victory Royale, you might get to test that hypothesis in the near future. With patch v6.10, in-game tournaments will be available to all Fortnite users (console, PC, and even mobile).

The tournaments won’t be separated by platform, so if you play on mobile, there’s a great chance the person lining their scope on you will be using a controller or mouse and keyboard.

At the start, tournaments have a set points goal. You can reach that number by both outlasting your competitors and getting kills. When the multi-day tournament window ends, if you have enough points, you will receive a commemorative pin that adorns your profile. However, these pins may eventually be more than just a status symbol. “In the future, earning a pin may advance you to the next round of a tournament or qualify you to win prizes,” Epic said in the announcement.

It’s unclear how many points you need to earn the pin, but you will have a couple of days to do it each time, at a minimum. When you join a tournament, the matchmaking system will only place you with other tournament players. Each player in the match will also have approximately the same number of points. This is meant to balance the gameplay. Of course, it doesn’t account for the fact that some players will simply play more matches than others. But, it’s still a nice addition to the format.

Fortnite week 10 challenge: jigsaw puzzle pieces
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There will be solo, duos, and squad tournaments throughout the initial schedule. If you want to compete in the tournaments, you can start very soon. Here’s the schedule:

  • Alpha Tournament – Solo: October 16-21
  • Beta Tournament – Duos: October 23-25
  • Friday Night Fortnite -Squad: Every Friday from October 19 to November 30
  • Salty Springs Cup – Solo: October 27-31. The conditions aren’t clear just yet, but you’ll only have three attempts at hoisting the Salty Springs Cup.
  • Tomato Temple Cup – Duos: October 28 to November 1

Epic promises that tournaments will evolve in the coming months, including differentiated scoring formats and multiple modes. Later this year, in-game tournaments will host “Showdown Royale,” a qualifying event for the 2019 Fortnite World Cup.

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