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Fortnite Klombo guide: Where to find them and how they work

As always, Fortnite continues to evolve, with new mechanics, points of interest, and creatures added periodically. The most recent addition includes the Klombo, an odd dinosaur-looking creature that roams the island. These creatures are tied to specific questlines and have some hidden attributes you’ll want to be aware of. But where can you find them and what is their purpose? Here’s what you need to know about Klombos in Fortnite.

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What is a Klombo?

Klombo in Fortnite.

A Klombo is a large lizard/dragon creature that can be found around the Fortnite island. Klombos are deadly, but won’t attack you unless provoked. You have to deal quite a bit of damage to get them to be aggressive toward you, so it’s unlikely you’ll need to worry about them. However, the Klombos have other uses you’ll want to be aware of. For one, you can jump up onto the Klombo’s head and use its blowhole to propel you into the air. This can make it easy to glide away.

The other factor to consider is that you can feed the Klombo klomberries, which are found across the map. These can be collected from areas around the Klombo and can be purchased from NPCs, too. If you feed a klomberry to a Klombo, it will spit out loot for you. Sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s good, but it’s worth considering if you need new gear.

Where are the Klombo locations?

Map highlighting the location of a Klombo in Fortnite.

Klombos spawn all around the map, though they don’t appear in consistent spots for the most part. This is because they tend to roam around. Much like other living, breathing creatures, it can be tricky to track them down. But there is one spot that always has a Klombo. This is the little body of water to the southeast of Greasy Grove as shown in the map above. The Klombo tends to spawn right around the body of water and appears there each and every match. You can find them elsewhere, too, but the spot on the map above is the only location where we found a Klombo consistently. Still, be on the lookout for one as you play, especially if you’ve got some klomberries on you, as they can come in handy.

Can you fight Klombos?

You certainly can fight them, but we don’t recommend it! You have to dish out a lot of damage before the Klombo attacks you, but once that happens, it’s hard to get them off your tail. The Klombo will then turn red and begin shooting projectiles at you and slamming into you, which deals devastating amounts of damage. You can, however, use a klomberry to make it friendly again, so make sure you’ve got one in your back pocket.

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